San Antonio trip help needed so much! This is very useful!

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Would we be okay flying into Austin. To fly into San Antonio has jumped way up and no direct flights on Southwest. Austin has direct with Southwest and much less.

If you don’t mind about an hour and a half drive and it’s a significant enough savings to cover the money on gas you will spend, then it’s totally doable. I live in SA but have flown out of Austin at least three times because of better flight options and prices.

*note that I-35 traffic can be a beast at the peak work commute times, so think about that when timing your flights.

I’ve flown out of Houston for a direct out of country flight lol. That’s almost three hours drive that saved me $500 bucks a person times three people.

It will save us about $400 and 3 hours of flight time. The nonstop flights are gone for San Antonio. It sounds like a reasonable option. May look for a non interstate option, land at 12:30pm.

There is a toll road that is faster but expensive. (130)

Schlitterbahn is b/w Austin and San Antonio so if you spent one night there you could do that first on your way down and landing in Austin is not such a big deal. Also you could stop and do something like Natural Bridge Caverns on your way to San Anton from Austin.

That was my tentative plan. Day 1: travel & look around Austin *stay in Austin or New Braunfels. Day 2 and 3 Schlitterbahn Day 4 San Antonio & Guadalupe park and Dat 5 travel home. May add another day in there but need to figure trip cost first. Question for Schlitterbahn, planning to stay there for convenience and extra hours. On our checkin day can we get in early and how? Thank you so much for all your help, dont feel nearly as nervous with all the help.

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  • Guests may pre-register for their room as early as 10:00 AM to pick up waterpark admissions so they may enter the waterpark prior to check-in that day. Access to room is not guaranteed until 4:00 PM.

I do not currently see any mention of early entry for hotel guests. It’s possible they will add that language or not do it. They didn’t do it last year but I was hoping that was just covid related and they’d work that kink out. They are also under new management which sucks imho but the park itself is still wonderful. (Cedar Fair bought them out from the original family that built them) Cedar Fair gated off a lot and now when you come from the river ride or check in area you have to go through security. You used to be able to check in and just walk in from the old rooms area where check in is as none of that was gated off. Now you have to walk to the side entrance and go through security with everyone else not staying overnight. Otherwise it’s not that big a deal having the extra the fencing/gates, but mornings used to be better with the early entry to Blastenhauf park and they had the extra hours morning and night. Last year they did still have the evening warm pool hours in each park for resort guests after close.

  • Stay & Play includes unlimited admission to Schlitterbahn Waterpark New Braunfels throughout the length of your stay (this includes all-day admission on your check-in and check-out dates) and other resort activities.

So you get in at 10am check in day and can stay till close check out day included in the price of the room.

305 W. Austin St.
New Braunfels, Texas 78130

Put that in your google for the check-in area.

Schlitterbahn Resort Information | Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

In 2019 this was early entry: 1. “Early ride time. When you purchase this package, you can enter Blastenhoff to ride the Master Baster, Black Knight and Wolfpack an hour before the park opens.” but if you cannot check in till 10am and early entry is at 9am then you’ll not get access it to the first day.

Ha! Dang, that’s worth it. You could even get a hotel in Houston night before and still get out on top money wise.

I do love San Antonio, but our flight options are definitely not that of a major US city.

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especially when you consider with layover it’s probably even slower to wait it out for the plane…plus you can put your legs out a bit more!