Sam's Club Ticket Discount

We have a few reasons we are looking at a possible Sam’s Club Membership (namely tires). Would anyone with an account be willing to look to see if there are any significant Disney Discounts? I’m looking at April 5-9, Best Western Disney Springs, with a 3 Day park ticket. Not sure if Sam’s Club even offers discounts that are worth it for shorter stays.


I haven’t been to Sam’s club in a few years, but I do know they have discounted gift cards. A $500 card is somewhere around $480. Not a whole lot of savings, but everything helps. Since I am not a member, I can’t help you with ticket questions. I never even knew they sold tickets there.

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I just looked and it doesn’t appear that they offer a package that includes tickets through Sam’s Club. I think the hotel was about $460 (2 Adults, 2 Kids with 2 queen beds) for those dates. They sell tix Seperately for Disney at Sam’s club and based on those dates a 3 day ticket without PH was like $372, which was slightly lower than what TP found with their ticket finder.