Same day TS availability

I don’t know if you have DS anywhere in your plans, but there are a lot of options there - both TS and very good QS - and you should have pretty good luck in most places there.

In EP, VN, BG, and Marrakesh would probably be your best options for same day. Spice Road Table would also probably be easy to book. Tutto Gusto is hit or miss; I’ve see it empty and I’ve seen it packed.

DHS will be tough; Sci-Fi ADRs go months in advance and 50s is also usually packed (but you can order off the full menu at the Tune In Lounge, which is attached). Not sure how MM might be.The HBD lounge is another good option; excellent food, but might be crowded. You could also try for the main HBD dining room, but that might be difficult.

In MK, Skippers Canteen is probably the only realistic chance for a same day ADR.

AK will also be difficult. TH would be a long shot. I don’t know how fast Tiffins fills up, but the lounge might be an option. As others have said, Y&Y can be a short-cut with a Landry’s card. Without the card, you might be able to get into the (small) bar where you can order off the full menu (actually, this is a favorite of mine for an extemporaneous lunch, but there are only about 8-10 seats).

Thanks so much, that’s a lot of options. I have my eye on Sci-fi, because I think that may be the park we visit as we aren’t spending much time there on the rest of our trip. Might be worth it to put it into the reservation finder, cuz I know that one is near impossible to get. I think our other good option for our last day would probably be MK, however Skipper Canteen is a definite pass due to their menu not appealing to us at all. I was thinking about Liberty Tree. I ate there when I was 12 and really liked it.
Our best bet probably would be Epcot, however we are already spending two days there and I don’t see DBF wanting to spend our last day there!

I love the lounge suggestion. I had those as a back up just in case I didn’t get a few of my reservations, but luckily we got everything we wanted.

In MK as we walked down Main Street, a woman was standing holding a sign saying “same day reservations available.” Nowhere on the sign did it say where, but just know somewhere in MK they have a restaurant that has same day availability.

I got push notifications that Tiffins had availability the day I was in AK. Not sure how frequently they use push notifications.

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He sounds temperamentally like my DH. I feel your pain. I do enjoy the adventures we have because of the spur of the moment approach though.

I understand where he’s coming from, with wanting to just relax and see where the day takes us, but after spending months researching and reading posts on this forum, I’m developing an eye twitch at the thought :joy:


Last Summer Tiffins had lots of availability. We moved up our reservation one day and booked same day another with no issues. Excellent food at Tiffins, although it’s not cheap…

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Yeah. WDW doesn’t seem like the best place to take a fully improvisational approach. But on your last day I can see his logic even though it would give me an eye twitch too.

We were in MK two weeks ago and decided to book a same day lunch reservation. We only had 2 park days so I hadn’t planned any table service, but we were getting a lot accomplished and it was so hot we decided we wanted the break. I was hoping for the Plaza, so I checked a lot to see if I could get it to come up earlier than 2:30 (wouldn’t work since we wanted to watch the parade). I saw availability for Crystal Palace, Skipper Canteen, BOG came up once, and we ended up booking a Liberty Tree Tavern for 1:15. This was for a party of 6.


It all depends on the day. I Just searched for today and found availability for a party of 4 at Tiffins, HBD, Tusker House, H&V in the 6-7pm timeframe.

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I would leave your last 1/2 day wide open…Chill…Don’t schedule an ADR (or several as some would do) and then cancel later…Just isn’t fair to others.
If you chose a park, I agree go to a lounge and have small bites. At Mk, try the Jungle Cruise Canteen–yummy!
We were at WDW 3 weeks ago, and had a 6:30pm flight. We chose to relax at our resort, POR and get lunch at DS. We had no reservation but walked right into Paddlefish which was outstanding. I know you said no seafood so there are plenty of Ds restaurants to choose from.
If you are taking ME to MCO make sure you arrive at pick up spot at least 10 min before because the bus left without us.

Liberty Tree sounds really good, I think if we’re in MK that’s what I’ll probably go for

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I wish I could eat at Skipper Canteen, but we looked at the menu and we didn’t find anything we would eat :pensive:
And I’m so obsessive I’ll probably be at the ME pickup about an hour before we need to lol!