Same day TS availability

So I’m headed to the world in mid-late August with DBF39 and we have everything pretty much set. Our last day, we have no plan and a good amount of time to squeeze in some last minute fun as ME doesn’t pick us up till 5:30pm. We have the QS dining plan and have a few TS meals (character breakfasts) throughout our stay that we’re paying OOP for. But I’m thinking of maybe doing a TS lunch on our last day. I can’t book an ADR as we have no idea what park we’ll be in (and I’m not allowed to plan anymore, I’ve been warned). So my question is, which TS restaurants have good day of availability? In any of the parks. We’ll prob try to grab a reservation morning of (it will be Wednesday 8-21). We’re not super adventurous and neither of us like seafood.

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I’m so sorry for your loss.


Thank you for your kind words during this difficult time


I think that your best bet for same day availability is at the resorts. So maybe look at the closest resort to the park you’re going to be in?

Are you not even booking FP for your final day? Then you could at least make the ADR 30 or 60 days out?

No I had to agree to not plan anything on our last day so we could be spur of the moment. He wants just one day with no plan. I figured I’ll see what day of fast passes I can snag when we figure out where we’re going. If there isn’t any availability for TS in whichever park we go to, it’s not a huge deal, we can just grab a QS. I don’t think we’ll want to leave to eat. I just had a thought it might be nice on our last day.

If you’re in AK, you can get into Yak&Yeti with no ADR if you have a Landry’s Select card. Costs $25 to join but they give you a credit for $25 off your first meal.

Edit: Also Rainforest Cafe


Hmmm interesting

Good to know! I’ll be joining the Landry’s card club soon!

Works for T-Rex at Disney Springs also. (and any Landry’s restaurant anywhere else)

I listened to this as a podcast - some good suggestions

I’ve found all kinds of availability at Epcot same day.

I would prob book and ditch a few… so you can be “spontaneous”. “Oh look at this perfectly timed perfect restaurant I just got…”

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Oh cool, thank you! I’ll listen to it on my way home from work :blush:

Good to know, that would be my first choice of a last day spot

Be still my heart, I’m in awe of your nefarious ways :wink:

Haha— well I just think booking some and dumping as you get closer— I’d watch getting charged no show. I only say this because on our trip it was hard to get in some places same day. We were restricted with traveling with kids…

But if you can travel to Disney springs or Epcot you will be able to find something same day.

If you’re in MK, I happened to notice Skipper’s Canteen had a fair amount of empty tables when we were there last week, at lunch. Although it might not fit your criteria perfectly, being a bit adventurous and having some seafood on the menu. Maybe check out the menu on that one first.

Also, might want to consider the lounges, they don’t take reservations at all but have some of the same food as the restaurants they’re attached to. Such as the Nomad & Brown Derby Lounges at AK and DHS respectively, and a whole slew of them at EPCOT. My favorite there is Tutto Gusto.

I want to eat at Skipper Canteen SO BAD!!! I love Jungle Cruise and theming looks amazing. Unfortunately I looked at the menu and there is nothing that would appeal to either myself or DBF.
The lounges are a good idea, I didn’t even think of them…I will definitely keep that in mind, thanks!
Tutto Gusto…Italian…yum!!!

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Would definitely suggest Geyser Point over at WL for a lounge near MK - not far (short boat ride) and beautiful relaxing location. It was my family’s (all adults) favorite on the last trip.

We’ll probably have to leave around 430 to catch ME that day so leaving the park to eat is just ehh for me. But I’m a ride fan, I want to spend as much time as possible in the parks. BUT…that is a thought for our non-park/Resort day…I do want to explore so we may end up checking that out!