Same Day Rivers of Light FastPass+ during Easter Week

Will I be able to get a FP+ for Rivers of Light the same day if I will be there Easter Week - Crowd Level 8? I’d rather not be locked in to that beforehand so I can get more than 3. Looked at FP availability page but doesn’t show information for Rivers of Light but it looks like most other attractions will be gone before same day. I’m guessing those will be gone too but wanted to see if others had experience with this on similar crowd level days.


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By chance is ROL showing twice the day you are there? Sometimes during busy times there are two shows and we have found that the second show is not typically crowded.

It is showing twice that day. I was trying to avoid staying so late but that is an option. Thanks.

The other option would be to do the ROL dining package to the first show. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about FPP availability.