Same day multiple parks

I have just 2 days for Disneyworld I would like to go to all 4 of the areas-magic kingdom, movie studio, animal kingdom and epcot. Is there a way to develop a 2 day touring plan that covers all 4 places? Will have two young children-not toddlers. thanks.

oy. that’s ambitious. especially with two young kids.

honestly, I’d stick with MK for 2 days. Maybe AK with a park hopper for some variety.

Trust me.

My father tried having us do MK and EP in 2 days (back when it was just MK and EP). I was 16. My brother was 9. My father had us going at a serious pace. We all melted down.

it was not enjoyable.

Pick a park. Know that you won’t do it all, but take the time to enjoy it, rather than running around from place to place. You’ll feel better for it.

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thanks- I went there 35 years ago when my children were young and stayed 7 days and we did just a little each day and hung out at the resort in the afternoons and it worked just fine. This time I have 2 grandchildren coming and they can only be here 4 days and they want to see Lego Land and Universal. Thanks for your advice.

Totally agree. I would skip Epcot and Hollywood Studios for sure (although they are great for a longer trip). I would concentrate on having a awesome plan for 2 days at MK and see characters, ride what they want, see parades, etc. They will have so much more fun that way!