Same day FPP for FEA

How is the same day FPP availability for FEA?

We are planning to do EMM at HS on 8/28/19 and then Epcot in the evening. I was originally planning to get our FPP for Epcot, but now with the FPP tiers changing at HS on 8/29/19, I want to take advantage of RnRc and ToT fastpasses while they are still tier 2.

I would probably schedule my HS FPP for 9:30, 10:30, 11:30. What do you think my chances would be to get a 7:30pm FEA FPP for 4 after tapping into my 3rd HS FPP?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Possible, but you may have to book for one or two people at a time and then try to keep modifying. I’ve found that sometimes it is easier to book for one person at a time and then try to get the FP to overlap. Did this for another very busy attraction on our last trip successfully. Was never able to book it for four as a fourth FP, but booked one person at a time and got them all to overlap. Good luck.

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I wish you more luck than I had getting a ToT. Availability for 1 rider at 4 pm at 60+3 for Wednesday 8/21.

We’re also hoping for a FEA same day drop for an evening we’re spending in Epcot. Fingers crossed!

Thank you both!

I was thinking ToT might be tough and it’ll be 60+2. Oh well, if ToT is unavailable, I’ll just book the fastpasses for Epcot and maybe attempt to rope drop RnRc after EMM Toy Story Land.