Same Day FP for MK

My fastpass day is next week. We are going to Early Morning Magic so we won’t need FP for 7DM or PP. I plan to get FP for Splash and BTMR.

Buzz is one of my son’s favorite rides. I plan to rope drop it. He will definitely want to ride it twice (at least). I am debating my options for my third FP for the day and would like input on same day FP availability. I am debating trying to score a FP for Buzz from 9-10 so we can ride it at rope drop and then ride it again right away with the FP. My other thought was getting the third FP for Jungle Cruise.

Between Buzz and Jungle Cruise, which has more availability for same day FP? Is there another ride I should consider for my third FP instead? We won’t ride Space Mountain or Haunted Mansion. My kids are not interested in characters.

Buzz - Definitely easier to get. Not even a question about it.

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We got a ridiculous number of Buzz FPs. Every time we lined up we could get another immediately following that ride. Didn’t see many Jungle Cruise ones.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if you could ride it more than once at RD.

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Agree on buzz being easy to get same day. I’d also say it would be pretty easy to ride a couple times right away if that is a priority.

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