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I have an upcoming offsite trip in June and have one day at Magic Kingdom. What is the best way to book Fast Passes at the kiosks? We are a family of four. We will be content with three each, and realize that we will be unable to book 7DMT and some of the other more popular rides. We are hoping to book for rides in the afternoon or at night. We will be there at rope drop. Is it more beneficial to go straight to the kiosks before riding anything, or would it be better to ride a few rides and then stop at a kiosk around 11:00? Is it possible to book at Town Square Theater prior to rope drop? Thanks!

Are you not buying your tickets ahead of time? If you do buy ahead of time and link them on MDE, you can book your FPP at 30 days.

You might want to take a look at TP’s FPP Advice & Tips page:

As scrapper1617 mentioned - you are going to want to book your most wanted FPP 30 days out as the best ones will most likely be gone the day of your trip.

Also, if you have My Disney Experience on a smartphone, that’s a better way to book FPP in park since you can do it wherever you are, rather than hunt down a kiosk and wait on line for it.

Possibly, but the trip details are not finalized. We are trying to plan on meeting other family members in the area and thinking of a side trip. They are not planners and I am trying to be prepared if we miss our window.

Ah, ok. Those non-liner family members who don’t plan always foul up the plans! :joy: Even buying tickets a few days ahead would save time that morning. I’m sorry I can’t help more because I’ve never been to a kiosk. I’m a confessed Disney over-planner.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Me too!! I am learning to be more patient in this process. Thanks!!

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When it comes down to it, the earlier you hit the kiosk or use MDE (if you have a smartphone) the better, for sure. Things go quickly.

If it does come down to that last minute, and you do have a smartphone with MDE on it, just remember that once you get a FPP, if it is not exactly what you are looking for, you can go back in to try to modify it. When modifying you sometimes better FPP times for the same ride or a more desirable ride FPP might show up - even if you try it immediately after getting the FPP. Also worth trying to modify as you go through the day.

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Aah, Non-Liner families! Our trip last april had to maneuver around extended fam of 7 more ppl who wanted to "share " our vaca with us. haha. Tho let me tell you I wasn’t laughing once they started changing days on me, up to wks b4 trip.

Dining phone ppl were so nice to me, told them my dilemma, they let me double book TS adrs a few days. (Just in case they didn’t show up that day- so we could go to restaurants that we like more than those they wanted.)

Thank goodness I did. last minute only 4 of them showed up, for just 2 days of trip. I was able to use the restaurants we wanted most & spend lots of fun time with them, so all parties happy - turned out to be just 5 adults & 4 kiddos, losts of good fun.

So all was well that ended well. I gave myself a pat on the back for not losing it while planning did & didn’t go on. Had to remind myself Non-disney families don’t realized it takes planning to tour Disney.

Turned out to be a highlight of the trip - spending with the 4 extended fam members that did arrive!