Same Day Drop - Master List? - (or SDMT?)

Is there a master list somewhere of sameday fastpass drops?

Specifically, I’d like to get SDMT tonight.


I searched chat and this is what I found. It was as if March 4th

FoP 11:01 1:01 3:01 5:01, TT and Soarin - 11:30, 1:30, 3,30, HS - 9:31, 12:01, 2:31, 5:01, AK - 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, 5:01, MK - no set pattern



No 5.01 at HS according to @ToddlerOfTerror.

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You may be right. I searched page by page through chat and this was the most recent post I found.

I think a lot of us - me included - had been reporting it but he said a couple of days ago that there isn’t one. I don’t know if there used to be one or what but I’ve stopped mentioning it!

I saw that 5:01 was reported for HS by someone but I don’t believe there has ever been a drop for that. The 11:31 Epcot drop is typically only for TT.


The soarin same day drop at 1:30 worked for me a month ago.

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I have never seen and 5:01 HS drop. The FOP 5:01 drop can be erratic. The HS drops for SDD won’t usually happen if it’s been raining because there is too much of a backup, but you should still have A2S and TSMM show up.

Thank you!

Are there any same days for FEA in Epcot? My whole family DH, DS10 and DS7…all boys and they have NO interest in Frozen. I am hoping to sneak in while they eat an ice cream or other treat with DH. Or is there a single rider line? Does it move quickly?

No single rider, there are only 3 in all of WDW, TT, EE and RnRC. It may drop at 11.30, 1.30 or 3.30 but it’s not one of the generally reported rides.

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I’ve been seeing a fair number of FEA FPs pop up when looking for parties of 2 or 3 so I think you may have a pretty decent chance of getting 1 for yourself without a drop.

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I got Soarin at the 11:31 drop on Feb 17…

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Thank you

Wish there was a sticky for this info that we could keep updated.


I have been thinking about this. We can always search the forum for “same day drop”. I am afraid that once Disney starts charging for FPs the drops will stop? Sorry- that is depressing.

Does the 5:01 AK drop apply to Navi or just FOP. I would like to get Navi as a 4th ir 5th FPP.

Is this still current?

Anticipated “Same Day” FP drops times: (when no major attractions are off line)

  • Magic Kingdom - no set pattern
  • Epcot (Test Track & Soarin only) - 11:30, 1:30, 3,30
  • Hollywood Studios - 9:31, 12:01, 2:31
  • Animal Kingdom - 11:01, 1:01, 3:01, 5:01

Also seems like there are occasional bursts in additional FP+ availability 30-35 days out, but that might have more to do with people cancelling existing reservations rather than additional FP drops by Disney.

Also my impression of reading other posts in that it may be easier to find fast pass availability when you are adding people to an existing fast pass or moving an existing FP to an earlier time in the day instead of waiting to find the “perfect match”. Is that true?


There’s a pinned post with the information but yes, those are current.