Sales of new AP paused

Thank you.

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Where do I vote for this? :smiley:


The next shareholder meeting is March 9th. I believe you’ll need to get the vote for @Jeff_AZ on the proxy ballot though and I’m not sure the deadline for that. Good luck - you have my votes… :rofl:




I was thinking of this over the weekend. I would like to buy AP for our December trip. I presume if AP goes on sale March 1, 2022 and I buy it; and my first day using will be December 1, 2022, my year starts on December 1, 2022. I have thought about buying a multi-day ticket and upgrading to AP in December. But, but, but what if Disney discontinues AP again in December? What do I do?

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You’re first conclusion is correct - if they open for sale in March & you buy one and then activate in December, your year starts with the activation.

For your 2nd question - that’s the rub - if you plan to upgrade to save a few bucks and then they ban APs again in December you are stuck with no AP. So the question becomes is the potential savings worth the risk that the AP may not be available when you need it? Guess I’d estimate how many trips you’d make and how much the 10% AP discounts would mean to you to see.

Personally I’d probably just buy the AP when I could presuming they do resume AP sales in the Spring and it doesn’t start pushing up to any of your trip deadlines…


I will most likely buy the AP when WDW releases them again so that I can use the perks when we arrive for our first trip.

I currently hold Magic Keys for DLR, which I upgraded to on my last park day. There was no option to upgrade ahead of time. As such, I haven’t been able to use any of my perks. My perks won’t be activated until the next time I go through the gates, even though my activation date was retroactive to the first day I entered the park. :rage: :rage: :rage: I would have loved to use my discount at Goofy’s Kitchen and World of Disney on the last day of my trip.

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At WDW in theory I think you could enter a park and then upgrade immediately which would allow you to start using your perks at least after entry. Of course you need to schedule for entering, and then going to guest services to upgrade which is probably easier said than done schedule wise.

Given that I think just buying the annual pass directly is likely better as you can start using your perks even before you arrive in theory and will definitely have the AP discount available as soon as you enter.

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Thanks! Looking forward to AP being available soon!

Depending on arrival, you could upgrade before going to the park. I activated my AP at DS, for example, the evening we arrived, and the day before we hit the parks. This was to avoid having to deal with it when trying to enter the parks.

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My understanding is you can upgrade that way, but you cannot save $ upgrading before the ticket is used. Upgrading before they’ll just give you what you paid for the ticket - which means it definitely wouldn’t make sense to not just buy the AP when they are next available.

The use the ticket, then upgrade later I thought was the only way to save $ on an upgrade if you bought the ticket from a discounter.

Oh, you might be right. I was merely addressing the scheduling bit. But, yeah…the cost savings bit is different.