Safety and tolerance - (No trolls please!)

Have a trip tentatively booked with family (my parents) and friends (a couple and their child) in March, coming from Canada.
Note that the couple is Muslim, and my friend wears hijab (head scarf, not a veil).
In light of the recent election results, and in light of many multiple reports of visible minorities being harassed today in the wake of the results, we’re seriously questioning the wisdom of a trip to the US anytime in the near future.
But we are honestly concerned and were wondering:

  1. Should we take the DME and not leave the bubble to minimize potential racist comments and/or confrontations?
  2. Would we be okay to rent a minivan and drive around to get to WDW and spend a couple of days at Legoland?
  3. Should we avoid leaving the bubble to go shopping at the outlets, etc?
    Thanks for any advice. We’re just so confused up here in the wake of the election and aren’t really sure what to make of the state of affairs on the ground in the US.

My SIL wears a Hijab here in NC and we have had the same worries for her living in NC the last 6 years. All is fine though. Don’t cancel your trip. I love staying in the bubble even without those concerns but I also would NOT choose to stay in the bubble for fear if renting a van would be better for you.


Hola mossy!!!

As you know, I am a Mexican. Not exactly a minority but not exactly the most popular people on northern parts of the earth right now. We haven’t been very popular in a very long time.

But I have never ever ever felt any discrimination or danger whatsoever in any part of Orlando. Feel safe amiga, rent a van and go to the outlets and legoland and enjoy. May I suggest USO and the mall at millenia?

Strangely, they didn’t mention any attacks after the elections here in Mexico…


I am very sorry you have to create a post like this and understand your worries. And I apologize for the hurt and fear some Americans are causing you (and other groups). Though hateful things happen and even leaders promote the hate and marginalization of people, in times like these it is very important that we do remember that - as David said- the vast majority of people are good. And in Disney World I think there is even greater social pressure, in a positive sense, to promote and create joy/inclusion/positivity. Focus on all the examples of goodness and if you need more, look at the hard facts: statistically, few people are ever the victims of these horrific events that the media report on; we actually live in a safe world compared to many other eras in human history; You have more chance getting in a car wreck than being the victim of a hate crime or a terrorist attack.

Plan your trip to suit your interests. Don’t limit yourself. If we live in fear we lose the chance to create a better world by interacting with it.

Wishing you the best and welcoming you to the US!


I’m so sorry you even have to ask this question. Don’t cancel your trip - Orlando is very welcoming. Hope you have fun!


Orlando is one of the largest tourist destinations in the country- if not the world. People from all nations, with different traditions come to Orlando all the time. I have seen many people in WDW wearing Hijabs. Orlando is a good place - very touristy, but good. Sadly, I can’t necessarily say that about every corner of our large country. If you cancel your trip you’ll just be playing into the hands of the haters that make up an unfortunate (small) percentage of our population.


Thank you so much, everyone, for your thoughtful replies.
I understand the last few months, few days have been trying and stressful for you.
I’m sure some of you are pleased with the outcome of the election, and some are horrified - I hope that you all find peace and unity and purpose in the next four years, that Trump makes good on the well-crafted words of his acceptance speech.
I appreciate the reassurance and so we’ll probably keep our trip. :slight_smile:


We were there right before the election. I saw several women wearing Hijabs and (unfortunately) quite a few people sporting Donald Trump gear (I say unfortunately because it was my understanding that you are not supposed to wear anything political in the parks, and I specifically did not wear my Hillary tshirt in the park to be respectful of that guideline).

Anyway, I observed no issues. My sister and I were there with my niece, and people looking at us might have ASSUMED that we were a lesbian couple (which might have also made us a target). I would think you would be okay.

However, I understand. We had a hate crime on our University campus (where I work) today that specifically called out to the election and how it gave the freedom to be openly racist, which outrages, frightens, and destroys me.

I had hoped we were better than this. Maybe at Disney World we are.


Do still come, and don’t be scared to leave the bubble. Most people are decent, and wouldn’t dream of harassing anyone.


If you get closer to your trip and thinking of leaving the bubble is stressing you, staying within the bubble can be a great experience. Although there were other things we would have liked to experience in Orlando, it was really nice to leave the world behind and let Disney transport us for the week.


As a republican (and I’ll leave it at that) - the cornerstone of my values is respect and acceptance. It is painful to hear that your view of America is so tainted - but I can fully understand your reasoning.

I believe you will be perfectly safe at WDW and in America as a whole. However if you are already anxious - I may suggest that you limit your trip to WDW itself.

I may suggest that you do your reservations seperately - buy tickets and room ala carte. You then have more flexibility in cancelling if you decide to - but I hope you don’t

Please know that the view of a very small minority is not the voice of the majority of the country


Yes… it is early reports like these that have me alarmed.
Hate crimes spiked after the Brexit vote, and we want to avoid being targets for not just hate crimes, but unkind and unwarranted comments.
Sounds like we’ll probably be alright but will keep our ear to the ground.

The fact that you felt you had to post this breaks my heart and embarrasses me as an American. I completely understand your concerns - they are valid. I hope and pray that you will have a wonderful trip in the magical world that is Disney.


I think we ALL want to be shielded by unwarranted and unkind comments!! I hope you have a wonderful time and hope you don’t judge us all by the idiocy of a few.

FYI - if you do go to LEGO LAND - look for coupons etc. It is expensive - but the coupons are a steal.

It is a nice small park. It used to by Cypress Gardens (my parents would take us there when we visited as kids) - I hated it. It was gardens and a water show - I wanted to hit the rides. But we always did it.

The park was nicely transformed and it is a great way to ease into the trip. I would suggest doing it first as it is so small and “less impressive” than WDW. But it is clean, the staff friendly and it is a lot of fun for little kids

Very best

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I have not been to the FL Legoland, but as an adult who loved Legos as a kid (and secretly wish I still had them), the CA park was wonderful. The “rides” are all geared towards kids, but I was astonished by the Lego structures that were on display. I think your whole family will enjoy it. The only “complaint” I had was that the food was pretty horrible (especially compared to WDW), but as I was only there for one lunch each time, it’s a small complaint - and it might be better in the FL park. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the reports of victimization of minorities of all walks are on the rise today. I’d like to believe that 99.99% of US citizens are tolerant and not racist but this election really opened my eyes. I’d say your math is off a tad.

But yes, it’s horrible that anyone even has to worry about these things. :frowning:

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Per request - lets not turn this political. Also be careful about what you consider racism - that word has been through around quite a bit during the past few months during times when it should not have.

I think while many of the people here are well meaning, if they do not wear a hijab, which has been an obvious target for people in the past couple of days, it hard to understand the actual issues. I think instead, you or your friend may want to contact the local Islamic center in Orlando to alleviate any concerns since they are both in the middle of the issue and are actively dealing with it.


The trip isn’t until March? This will all be ancient history to 99% of the country by then. The attention span of most people is so short. Sorry to sound snarky, but it’s true. I’m really just trying to allay your concerns about a current event.
Right now, at this moment, the election is raw and emotional for many. it’s the culmination of 18 months of nonstop stumping. For those of us who were watching intently, we’re a bit fatigued. The US just needs time to wind down. Time heals all…


That is a fantastic idea.