Safe Bets for EMH?

I will preface this by saying that I understand that all of this can change at any moment but I’m wondering if there are any safe (or safer) bets for EMH based on the typical calendar. I’ve only been watching the calendar for about 6 months so I’m guessing most of you have much more experience with this.

For example, it seems to me that for MK, Friday morning EMH and Wednesday evening EMH is a pretty safe bet. Epcot seems to regularly have evening EMH on Tuesday and morning on Thursday. HS looks like Sunday morning and AK looks like Monday and Saturday mornings. Are these reliable trends or have more experienced Disney go-ers noticed that these shift every few months?

Obviously, there is a lot of room for disappointment here. Generally it probably doesn’t matter (especially if you are talking about 1 extra hour in the morning.) But if you are planning a 2-3 day quick trip visiting just a couple parks, it could be a useful factor in determining your trip dates.

I generally just look at the year before for my week, and it’s usually the same.

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These patterns have been in place for awhile, so doubt they will change.

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These haven’t changed in a while so I’d be good planning with that.

Just BE AWARE that sometimes an 8 AM EMH can become a 7 AM EMH and be prepared to do that if you’re picking it. I personally avoid EMH except for Epcot due to this and my group can’t just swing super early or super late due to time difference/ages traveling.

Good point. And 10pm-12pm EMH are not especially useful for my group either.

Are you saying that Epcot never opens before 8am even with EMH?

It’s very, very rare for Epcot to open at 8 AM during regular hours. It stays open until 10 PM sometimes on the weekend during Food and Wine. Other than that it’s almost always 9-9. I suggest using the calendar to look at the hours on the days you are thinking of visiting the year before. For example, if you’re going September 18th look at the same day the year before (adjusted for day of week) to get the best idea of actual expected hours.

Thanks! That was what I was doing but I’m glad to know that is a sound practice.