Safari in the morning?

Ages ago I remember hearing it was best to go to the safari first thing in the morning during the summer since the animals are more active. If I show up by 10 is that early enough? Figure we will check out Avator first.


I honestly don’t think it makes any difference. We go in summer and have had better safaris in the early afternoon than we had at 9.30 last trip.

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We had a great safari at 8:30 a.m, in October 2019, best one we ever had. Had one that same week in the early evening. I think that I misjudged sundown and I couldn’t see much of anything.

Are you planning to do a fastpass or just show up? We had 9:20 fastpasses yesterday, and by the time we got off the ride shortly after 10am the standby line was 210 minutes.

That being said, we saw a LOT of animals, so it’s a great time to ride.

They did an informal study sometime ago at Animal Kingdom and found no significant difference in animal spotting throughout a normal day. I have been on the Safari multiple times over multiple time frames and noticed very little difference.

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I have had the same experience as @missoverexcited. I have been on the safari at various times, including 9:00 AM, and I didn’t really notice too much of a difference. My best experience was in the afternoon.

we did ours at 9:45 am on a cool morning and saw TONS of animals.

I base the safari on whether or not I see the lions (lions are my favorites on the safari)…and the one time we actually saw the lions moving around was just after a rain shower at around 1:30 in the afternoon.

All the animals were really active. But lesson learned from us too - they love rain showers but apparently not a fan of thunderstorms - hardly any animals out and about.

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