Safari Fastpass and Early Entry at AK?

I have a Fastpass+ for the Animal Kingdom Safari at 9:15am. It was the earliest Fastpass I could get. If people are able to enter the park at 9am or a little before, and I make it to the Safari before the 9:15 reservation, will I still be able to use the Fastpass+, or will I have to wait? Thank you!

You can use it up to 5 minutes before the scheduled time. It would likely take you ten minutes to get back there, however, if you get there and the line is short you can change the fastpass to something else just go through the standby line.

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What about heading to a different part of the park to ride other rides with shortrope drop lines and then going to safari at the end of your window?

I would head somewhere else first, then hit the safari at the end of your window. FPP is not really needed in the first hour. We head straight for EE at RD, ride it 3 times or so, then hit Primevil Whirl and Dinosaur, then head to the safari with FPP. This allows you multiple rides a day on EE.

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I agree with @Wahoohokie! I would bump that FP back a little, ride EE at least 3 times and take advantage of the first hour.