:cry: New discount airline coming to town end of May, so I book a long weekend in September. $226 round trip, plus a $90 room at ASM, and I’m ready to start planning. Four days later, they cancel every flight through the summer and into September.:broken_heart:


Oh! That is terrible!

Ugh! I am so sorry!!

That’s entirely infuriating!!!


Any other way you can salvage that trip? Are they going to make it up to you in any way? Maybe discount off flying out of a neighbor town?

They say they are processing refunds. At least one other person, who was scheduled for Memorial Day week, has been refunded. If they are working though the passengers in order, I may be last. I’ve had no response to my email. But I suspect they are taking a lot of heat, since their only route, from my city, was to Orlando. So, nearly every ticket they sold was for people going to WDW/UOR.

If it is Alligent Airlines they don’t fly into MCO but rather Sanford which is 40 miles from WDW.

Its Silver Airways.

That is good to know because I was checking out Allegiant since we are near Portsmouth NH which is one of their hubs. I would want to go directly to Orlando.