Sad! What to do about BC in May?

Just learned about the BC renovation and of course we recently booked it for late May 2015. It’s our first stay in a deluxe. What would you do? We have 8 and 11 year old boys who were really looking forward to SAB. I’m just so sad! Any advice?

Keep it. Don’t think involves pool. We are staying there in march renting points. Never been there so I’m chancing it.

If the refurb really worries you, you could always try to switch to the YC…

We just switched our March trip to YC due to the refurb, but I think you’ll be fine as long as the pool in unaffected. @jenniemouse I think our dates may overlap again. We are March 21-28.

Yup march 21-26 BCV!!! We r renting points so not sure if I can change. Gonna risk it.

Hey @jenniemouse and @KeliJ KeliJ, we are at YC march 19-28. Hope I spy you!

Ooh yes, look for the loud 5 year old with Shirley Temple curls and white blonde hair. I will be the exasperated mom chasing her around.

I’m smiling at that image already! Our trip is my and DH’s solo since our honeymoon in 1984! We’ve visited with the littles several times and last year with DD25 as her birthday gift. But 2nd time for just us. I’m psyched! Hope to meet you and your little one. My DD and I hold WDW as a special place between us too.

I actually have two DDs. It’s just that one is the best behaved kid ever and the little one often inspires me to yell at DH that he was the one who wanted more than one kid!!

Sounds awesome @BearsMom2011!!!

Has there been a change in the refurbishment plans? According to what I’ve seen, the pool should be done by 3/3/15. The rooms and public spaces will continue after that, but I REALLY hope the pool will be done. We’re there 3/24-3/29 (after our first stay at WL for three days before, about which we’re more than a little excited!!)

We have rented DVC points for the end of April at BC- pool should be done by March 3rd so I will not worry about it. If you are worried about the pool, switching to YC will not help either since they share the pool. I really think (hope) you will have a fabulous time.

Hi @Tobybowen. We will be at YC 3/19 to 2/28 and counting on the pool being open and sparkling too!

Maybe we’ll see you there, @BearsMom2011!