Sad statement about people or confusing process?

I’m confused. Are you saying that at some restaurants you can’t pay a tip with a credit card? Because that seems like a way to ensure that waitstaff don’t get tips at all. I know that I rarely carry much cash and would often not have enough for a tip.

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Here in the U.K., yes. I was caught out once too.

Normally you can though, but since the whole story blew up about restaurants not passing all the tips on to the servers (keeping some back), people became very reluctant to tip by card anyway. I’ve usually always tipped in cash, except when in a big party when it’s automatically added on.

At Disney we usually just add it to the bill though.

I always tip in cash here and at Disney.

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I would blame the situation on the dining plan, but unless they left cash on the table, the patrons should have realized they hadn’t tipped yet, even if they thought they had paid for the meal itself.


Dine and dash is a problem. But it seems like the dining plan is making for a lot of confusion. The servers should make a point to say we need to scan once to check for redits. Then once more at the end of your meal

Not cool.

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Ok, this is good to know, as we plan to use the plan, but I also know that tipping happens at the end of a meal, and I know to wait for it. I think it is just as likely that people think since they had to use a credit card to secure the meal, and that it can be charged if they do not show up, means that the bill will be payed. If they have a party of 6 and know the tip will be added they think they are good.

Also, there should be a way for the restaurant to be able to see from the reservation what plan they have. It is all connected in our account. People can charge their meals to their room also. How is it different? If the people had a reservation I would think it would be easy enough to find them. Intentionally running out if you have a reservation would be silly, but pretty pointless. If there is nothing they can do to a magic band to make it so that people can’t get away with that they need to figure that out.

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What about the many more staying offsite than on? The CC used to secure the reservation could have expired by the time they’re eating. Or have reached it’s limit.

If u dont announce ur on the dining plan, theres no scan. When we did TS credits, years ago, we only addressed this right b4 we asked for the bill. There was a scan and bill, quick process.

Also true, but if that is the case they do not have the dining plan. The original question was is this a problem with the dining plan. And unless it is their last meal at the park you can find them at their next reservation, and because of the reservation you can also put a hold on their band, or ticket. They can’t even get in the park until they resolve the issue some how. No more FPP. Nothing until you get their payment.

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We have found the process of the DDP pretty much getting better over the past three years. My kids like to eat! When we went in June of last year and July of this year, every single server asked if we were on the DDP. They scanned to confirm. At the end of the your meal, they bring your receipt and you enter your PIN to charge the tip to your room. This part does get confusing! No excuse though for people to eat and run though.

We’ve just got back and had 13 TS meals. We were asked about the dining plan as we were seated for every single one. The majority, but not all, scanned our magic bands at the start - I’d say 9 or 10 of them.


You’re right. Sorry, I’d forgotten the original question!

Guess thats becoming more standard. Its been about 4 or 5 yrs since we did DP.

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We were definitely asked first thing by our servers.