Sad statement about people or confusing process?

We had 7 TS meals over the course of last week. In 2 of the 7 cases (TH and Sci-Fi) there was a significant delay waiting to pay our bill long after we were done with our meal. In both instances it was because our server was trying to deal with a neighboring table where the party left without paying first by running out to try to find the family and then dealing with it when they couldn’t. It was very disappointing to see and I felt badly for the servers. It was also frustrating for us as we waited. In one instance when the person who appeared to be the manager came over the server said “another one” certainly giving the impression that this is happening often. I know that the reality is some (hopefully few) do this on purpose. But I also wonder if WDW’s dining plan payment process is contributing to the problem. There were several times when we almost did this by accident. We would finish our meal and I would ask DH if they had scanned his band (meaning we had paid) and he would say yes. We would be about to leave and he would realize they had scanned it the first time but not the final payment time. I can assure you we had no intention of skipping out on a bill and I would have been horrified if we did by accident, but them scanning your bands in the beginning left us feeling like we had paid. Had we been new to the process, I think we would have truly believed we already had. After all, they scanned our band already. I guess I am hoping maybe a good portion of this is due to a confusing process and wondering if there isn’t a better way. Anyone else experience this?

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I agree that the DDP process is overly complicated and not clear. This is one of the reasons (but only one) I won’t be using it on my next trip.

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It’s been five years since we’ve been to Disney and are going soon with the dining plan. You scan your bands at restaurants when you arrive and again when you leave? I seem to remember just doing it at the end last time, but maybe I am forgetting.

At each of our meals, they scanned a band at the beginning when we said we were on the DDP (I’m guessing to confirm which DP you are on) but then at the end they bring the ticket, you check it and add tip, and then they process payment. Because they scan it in the beginning though it left you feeling like you had already paid.

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It is confusing - they do scan at the beginning to confirm that you are on the dining plan. Then at the end they bring you two slips to sign - one for the dining plan and one for tax/tip/and anything else you bought not on the dining plan. Not sure how else they can do that since they don’t know if you are going to order a second beer or how much the tip will be. But I am sure people just thought they paid and left.

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I am certain that we didn’t scan at the beginning on our last trip, but like you it’s been a long time, it was 3 years ago. I know for sure they didn’t at Paradiso 37, because they had to take my MB to the till to scan it and I was really suspicious of them doing it.

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I hope for humanities sake that is what happened. I think they should drop the scan at the beginning. I can’t think of any other restaurant situation where they confirm payment in the beginning without actually paying through that confirmation process.

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Were you on the DDP? Maybe they only do the beginning scan if you are on a DP?


We didn’t scan recently up front but they asked us right away if on DDP. What confuses me is if they require a credit card on file, can’t they just charge it if you don’t pay?


I have not worked as a server since my son was born 27 years ago but at that time waitressing in the Boston area I used all of my “pay” and a portion of my tips to pay for the “dash and run”. I do not think this is anything new. Although, it might be an even greater issue these days. I don’t think it can be blamed on the DP.

This does sound very confusing. Haven’t used the dinning plan in a number of years, but if they scanned ban at beginning, I too would assume, it was to “pay”. Disney should either change this process, or actually deduct the dining credits during beginning of meal and bring the actual paper check when final plate is delivered. (not great presentation - but at least it lowers confusion level and gets people back into the park faster)

Really? The server is responsible for paying?

OT, but is there a trip report from your recent trip? Couldn’t see one when I last looked, unless it’s later than I realised.

It certainly was back then (also waited tables at that time in the Boston area and same thing), not sure if that is the norm now (or even if it is legal to force an employee to pay for it).

yes, happened to me too when i was a waitress in college

I was always responsible.

Edited to add: and I paid state and federal tax on the tip that was not left :grimacing:

Recently in the U.K. there have been a couple of stories about servers being forced to pay for meals where someone does a runner. Both times it was other diners tweeting about it. And the companies in both cases very quickly changed their policies!

And also, because of a public outcry, there is now legislation in place to ensure servers receive the actual tips, even when added to a bill before payment. In factt some restaurants now don’t allow you to add a tip on a card. Also tips cannot be used to make up the minimum wage, and servers cannot be taxed on “assumed” tips either.


They did that when I had lunch at Morimoto. Perhaps it’s a Disney Springs thing.

Not as yet.

They don’t do it at Raglan Road but I haven’t eaten anywhere else there.