Sad change of events

I understand this isn't the worst thing in the world for a lot of people, but it's pretty devastating for us. I took the day off from work to make FP+ for my brother's trip ( he's meeting us on day 4 of our trip and I was trying to coordinate FP+) but we ended up taking our beloved handsome cat, Baseball, to the vet for his last visit. I just hopped on MDE (today is their 60th day) and see of course that the favorites are not available. Just looking for a little pixie dust. Give me hope. Please?

HOPE flying at ya! Hope things get better!

Sorry about Baseball. Hugs to you for that.

About FPP, there is hope, just keep trying, try at the 45 day mark when people who are canceling their trips have to do so by, and the 30 day mark more may be released possibly.

Pixie dust to you and your family. Have hope, things will work out.

Oh, I'm sorry. Another good time to check is on the 30 day mark when FP opens up to day visitors and AP holders.

Definitely sending oodles of pixie dust to you. I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep plugging away at FPP. You will be rewarded for your efforts, I'm sure.

I am devastated by your loss, may Baseball be surrounded by catnip and squeaky mice toys. And as for the FPP, don't worry! Check daily with maniacal punctuality, they'll open up! Good luck!

@BubbieS Sorry about Baseball. Pixie dust going your way.

I'm sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is awful.

Im so sorry about Baseball
about the fast pass there is still a chance you can get what you want. Just keep checking everyday even on the day you are at the park if by a slim chance nothing opens up before then. My family changes our passes a lot during the day when we are there especially early in the morning, even more so when we get short lines for the rides we had faastpass for.