RunDisney runners - Galloway?

Hey there you crazy runner types…

I used to be one of you. Then I got sick and sidelined and now I am on my way to better but am mired in my final course to upgrade my degree.

But soon it will be over.

And the Boston Marathon was yesterday, and Every. Single. Year. I get so inspired that I get crazy thoughts.

I’m wondering about making my way toward a marathon using the Galloway method. Wondering if any of you RunDisney folks have Gallowayed your way to a long-distance race. Just looking for feedback on how that worked for you, what you thought of the layout of the training program, and whether you felt it was a good way to train.

I have done a lot of research into training methods, and I am definitely anti-Gallowalking. The unbiased evaluations I had read point to the lack of general evidence supporting his claims about the method’s advantages and benefits. Walk/run is a good way to transition from being a non-runner to running your first short race (Cto5K does this), but a training program should be moving you to the point where you are running the entire time, not continuing to walk/run as a overall strategy.

Instead, I do Heart Rate training - you keep your HR between 70% and 80% of your Max Heart Rate, where you are getting the best aerobic cardio-vascular workout. The odd thing is that when you train in this zone, you feel like you are running very slowly (like grandma slowly), but over time you will see your pace increase while you stay within the range. Too many people overtrain by running too fast and ending up in the “grey zone” where they are in between the best areas for aerobic training and anaerobic training and don’t get the most benefit from their training time. This is one of the criticisms about Gallowalking, as you go from running to walking and are never staying in an peak training zone.

I always ran at whatever my comfort level was. What felt the best - not necessarily heart rate etc. I did follow schedules for building up to a marathon - usually a 20 wk program.