runDisney In-Person Races are Back this Fall


I know there are a lot of people excited about this, so I don’t want to be Eeyore here, but…

We happen to have a trip planned for the same time as the November races…how much should I expect this to impact us? Does having the races have a big impact on how crowded the parks are?

I have almost no interest in the race itself, just want to know how it impacts me :slight_smile:

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Back wen parks were at full capacity, I believe @len mentioned on a podcast or two that the impact that runners have on the parks is minimal.


Transportation is messed up though.


Agree with @missoverexcited that transportation issues will be your biggest inconvenience in the mornings of race days, especially the longer half marathon day.


So we went in 2018, we went to Epcot in the Sunday when the half (?) finished there. That was kind of a bit much, because the racers were still finishing when the park opened. So they held us and we had to wait for a break in the race to go. Then felt really crowded in world show case after.

All this to say, don’t go to Epcot on Sunday!

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Thanks, that is really good advice

Good to know, thanks!

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Hmmm you made me realize when I go in 22 I’ll be going over the race weekend again. Ugh! Oh well, the weather just cant be beat. We had warm days and cold days. And the switch over to Christmas was wonderful. One other tip, when we went we were at the Poly And I was warned about transportation problems. So I stuck to MK and Epcot on the weekend because of the monorail. But if there is an easy park to get to for you, pick there. Or just leave extra bus time.

We are staying at Yacht Club, so I might make Sunday a HS day…or I might move our rest day to Sunday

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That’s perfect!