Run Disney

Anyone know. If they plan to bring back rundisney to Disneyland? I read they stopped it due to construction, but not sure if it will come back once they are done.

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The press release I saw said sounded like it wasn’t coming back anytime soon because they were struggling to find volunteers and provide a good experience for all.

No one knows. I believe there have also been “conflicts” with Anaheim law enforcement over road closures, etc. That is a non-issue at WDW because they are all contained on WDW property.

That is what I figured, however I was hoping I was wrong.

Everything I’ve read in the official releases makes it sound like runDisney has the intent to bring events back to Disneyland.

The scuttlebutt is that in addition to the construction issues that were cited, there are also some significant issues between TWDC and the city of Anaheim. In addition, the changes to the course-support procedures during the most recent year that races were out there (the shift away from volunteers to temporary workers provided by outside agencies) left a bad taste with many of the longtime runners, especially as the volunteer shifts had never been understaffed.

Personally, as someone with 5 coast-to-coast medals, I give it no less than 5 years before we see races out in Anaheim again. But that’s just one runner’s guess.

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I am hoping so! I noticed they have not changed the Star Wars one to reflect only one park, so I was hopeful, button sure. Fingers crossed you are correct!