Run Disney planning for 2019

Hi all,

I’m a long time Disney fan, relatively infrequent forum member; I pop in and out when I have trips to plan.

A friend and I are planning to head over for the Princess half marathon in 2019 (yes, next year - we like to plan ahead!). My partner is going to tag along too :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any hints and tips regarding getting entries for the half marathon? I’m in Australia, so is this an occasion to get up at 2am to get my entry, or can I wait for a more civilized hour? Should we book accommodation now and go for room only reservations, rather than waiting and doing a package later?

We’re currently basing our planning on the predicted crowd levels for this year’s Princess run, and this will be our first Disney run, so anything you can think of that might be useful will be gratefully received.


I can’t recall exactly, but I think that the Princess Half is one of the races that can sell out quickly. Better safe than sorry.

I would book a room-only reservation now - if you find a package later that is a better deal for you then you can always cancel your initial reservation.

Thanks for that, I’ll have a go at booking rooms only on the weekend! So exciting!

I used a travel agent and I’ve already secured my bibs and am waiting to pay my deposit for the room till next payday but could go ahead and do so if I wanted. She’s Jennifer with wish upon a Star. This could save you a 2am wake up.

And obviously I’m a planner too. :slight_smile:

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Have you considered running on a charity bib? I did that for the 10K in January and will totally do it again at some point. It’s a win-win for the athlete and their charity: you get a bib and they get fundsraising!

That’s very interesting! Did youneed to book a full package through them, or just the race entries itself? We have booked our accommodation, just rooms only.
Also, is this the group you mean: (because I am quite keen!)

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I’m not sure what you mean by charity bib…do you register to raise money for a particular charity and they give you a bib? It could be a good idea, although I’m not sure about international logistics with that one (people in Australia get a tax deduction for donations to registered charities). But the very large charities are generally registered in Australia, so fund raising might work ok.

Yes that’s exactly right.

I guess I didn’t realize you’re international and I wouldn’t know what the implications might be thereof.

Yes them. Right now all I’ve done is bibs. I’m going to do the rest of my package through them but that’s just because I can, I’m not sure I have to. I’ll make my own ADRs and FPP, but I’ve found I like the control of doing so.

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Thanks for the replies Melody, OBNurseNH. You’ve both given me good things to consider :slight_smile:

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