RUMOUR - Changes to DHS FP tiers starting 29th August

So this was posted on the WDWMagic forums just now.

I should stress this is just a rumour for now, but as the guy (?) says, if true it should be announced in the next couple of weeks, before FP booking starts for the end of August.

I’m just going to post it as it was written.

Short Story: On August 29, Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster will be added to Toy Story Mania, Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers as Tier 1 Fastpass+ selections. Star Tours stays a Tier 2. Smuggler’s Run still set to open as a non-FP ride. I am unaware of any other changes to the tiers.

Source: I’m staying club level for SWGE’s opening, and I decided to do the paid FP selections. When you do that, you actually get to make 6 FP selections 90 days from your departure date, so I was able to do that on Saturday. You pick 3 to be the “paid” FP, which you cannot modify or cancel without calling/emailing Disney Signature Services; and you get to make 3 “regular” FP, which you can modify/cancel just like any other FP selection. When I checked my app, I noticed that my selections did not quite match what I had asked for. When I emailed with my question, I was told that on August 29, the MGM tiers were changing, and that the new Tier 1 will be TSM, SDD, A.S.S., ToT, and RnR.

I am not an insider, I am just relaying information I was told in an effort to help folks out who are starting to look at FP planning for late August. Assuming this is accurate, I would think it would be announced in the next couple of weeks, because people will be able to start making 60+14 selections for August 29 around June 16.*

This is the link to the thread he started, in case you want to follow along.


Cool. It had been a couple days since I modified my Disney plan


That makes no sense. So the only Tier 2 would be ST and shows? That would be awful!

What makes me skeptical is the use of MGM in this post.


I don’t have a particular interest or dog in the fight, but I also don’t get this, which leads me to be skeptical. Having 5 of the 6 rides be tier 1 basically means a) Everyone will get Star Tours and it’s not like it didn’t already have a decent line b) Nearly nobody will get RnRC or ToT which weren’t commanding gigantic lines in the first place.


Think it’s more an issue of ppl choosing SDD, ToT, and RnR as their 3 preplanned then day of there is no availability for them day of. Right now tomorrow already shows no availability for SDD or ToT and only 2 time slots for RnR.

While it’s more than likely DHS will shift it FPP as SWGE opens and eventually adds MF:SR & RotR, this rumored set of tier doesn’t seem to make sense.

I don’t do Club Level, just to get the FPP, but am considering doing the VIP “Ultimate” tours. Especially if they start offering SWGE during the 50th.

OK, I’ve been wrong before (STOP GIVING ME THAT LOOK MOM) but I’m on the “this makes no sense” side of things.

Plus, aren’t purchased CL FastPasses tier busters? Meaning, you can book a tier 1 even if one of your regular FPP is a tier 1. (As I understand it, you just can’t book multiple of the same FPP using the CL ones.) Or perhaps I am misunderstanding that aspect.


If “new Tier 1 will be TSM, SDD, A.S.S., ToT, and RnR” and OP wanted those 5 rides, he would only be able to get 4 (1 with regular FP and 3 with Club FP).


I thought they were Tier busters too.

They are.

They’ve never cared enough to change Safari and Everest.

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So let’s assume this is true…if I plan on not going to HS until a little later in the day, can I book 2 Tier 2 FPPs for before I arrive, a Tier 1 for right when we get there, and then immediately start looking for another Tier 1? Or do I have to be in the park for my FPPs to expire?

Sometimes they will expire as usual, sometimes you will have to rebook. No rhyme or reason to it. Imagine that!

If true, this would make DHS FPPs as worthless as the ones at Epcot. You get one good FPP and two pointless ones.


The only way this makes sense is if the paid FPP rumor is also true.

This could be a way of charging for FPP. You might get 1 tier one for free and then have to pay for more. Will be interesting to see how the Tiers work in Epcot with the addition of Remy and Guardians. That would also be a lot in Tier 1.

Since the date of the rumored change is also the opening date for SW:GE, perhaps it is tied to SW:GE opening and how WDW thinks it will be best to deal with the increased crowds rather than the paid FP+ rumors. Maybe WDW thinks the new Tier 1 structure would “force” more guests into shows for their Tier 2 FPP and that would help with crowd management. In that case, EPCOT may be treated differently than DHS.


HAHAHAHAHAHA - ok, so it’s all of us then? cool, cool…


Looks like the TP software has been updated to reflect this change based on what I read in Len’s blog post-


Very interesting,
I wish they would change TSMM and ASS to tier 2 attractions, I know they are still fairly new rides but having them all as a tier 1 would kinda stink!

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Woah-TP changing gives this legitimacy. I don’t know if it will change our FPP plans much, since we don’t usually ride ToT or RnRC. But the shows are usually never more than a few minutes wait when we go. I’m guessing those waits will go up a lot if people have to choose shows for 2 FPs. Our next trip is very short, so we were planning only a morning in HS a few days after EEMH end. (We knew GE might be too crowded to get into; we figured going or skipping GE would be a last minute call.) If this change goes through, the presence or absence of EMH will determine if we do HS. If they open hours early we’ll go, but if not we’ll choose another park that morning.

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