Rumour - 2020 tickets may be on sale July 9th

Was able to bump my 5-day base to a 6-day base super easy at 6:59am this am!!! Hehe.

Had to call but got straight through no wait.

No however, on hold to see if another CM can reserve a park pass. It may take up to 24 hours for my MDE to show new ticket so I don’t want to have to wait until tomorrow to be able to reserve my last park day.

Follow up; I upgraded 2 dault and 2 kid tix from a 5-day to a 6-day for an extra 60 bucks. Super easy this am!!


Once you pass 5 days the cost to add more days is so minimal. We always just go for it.

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Annual passes still not available, at least not online. I’ll call soon when I get a chance.

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I’m so disappointed about the way Disney has handled things today. I cannot believe that they opened ticket sales to everyone at the same time…rather than resort guests first. So discouraging that I have a DVC reservation in September, and I may not be able to get park tickets or reservations to go along with it. And half of those points expire in January, so they will be a loss if our trip in Sept doesn’t work out.

I’ve been on hold for 2 hours so far this morning. Got up at 3:50am my time to call immediately at 7am Florida time. To hedge my bets, I’m also trying to do it online at the same time. It lets me put in all the information, including linking the tickets to specific people and payment information, and then it gives me an error every single time.

I’m getting more and more disillusioned.

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having problems! At least the roll-out was quick and relatively quiet so you’re not competing against the masses, just those of us paying close attention (one could argue that in itself is an issue but it worked to my advantage today). The calendar for September is wide open so I think you’ll be fine, just hang in there!

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Why not? This is how they have handled a lot of this piece of reopening – poorly. Did you see the troubles around park pass reservations? Nightmarish.

and par for the course for them

I agree this is not what I hoped for either, but then they already shafted the resort guests without tickets once.

That said, they definitely held slots back for resort guests. As evidenced by the fact that DHS had booked out on a couple of days in opening week, until yesterday when suddenly it opened up again. I don’t think that was due to cancellations.

But opening up new resort bookings the same day as new ticket sales was a stupid decision and had every chance of causing their systems to crash.

As @OBNurseNH said, par for the course for Disney during the e-opening. I guess at least they had plans for a virtual queue. Hopefully @BeckyT13 you’ll get through soon.

I would be cautious to doubt that too quickly.

With the extension of the order by Desantis surrounding quarantine for tri-state area folks, there were a LOT of cancellations seen all over FB and even here.

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And there are probably a bunch of people with packages waiting until the very last minute to cancel, and that is 7 days (exactly the dates that started clearing up)

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That’s a really good point. I should feel lucky that I even heard about it. I didn’t hear directly from Disney…it was on twitter and TP that I heard it.

Yeah, I supposed that’s true. I realize we are in uncharted waters… I guess I figured Disney would want to do something for resort guests… now that they have eliminated So. Many. of the onsite perks. My bad I guess.

My brother got on hold with Disney about 10 min before I did this morning. After 2 hrs and 15 min he finally got a CM who was able to get us the tickets. It was not smooth, but she was competent and effective. I had to leave for work as my brother was trying to make park reservations, but I think he would’ve called/texted if he had any issues.

So, mission accomplished. I should feel elated and relieved, but not yet.

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My 50 minute wait (DVC line) has yielded nothing :frowning_face:

APs are still not on sale, and no indication when they will be.


I wouldn’t say I’m elated but I’ve definitely moved into relieved because the reservation-but-no-ticket thing has been a worry for a while. Next up: deciding if we think it’s safe enough to go but not to fly…

Yeah, that’s well said. One more step done. Now onto the next one.

I’ll sit on the fence on this still.

Not sure those who had reservations for the opening week would necessarily be those to cancel. But I guess the quarantine rules could affect it.

Still seems more than just coincidence that availability opened just before tickets went on sale.

Agreed. It’s been speed bump after speed bump so I was actually surprised how easy it was to get an extra ticket today.

Now a park pass reservation has been a whole different story. My new tickets won’t be reflected in MDE for another 24 hours. So I called right at 7 as well for help making an APR…was on hold for over 2 hours and said forget it.

Hopefully the day I want to book MK will still be available tomorrow when I can do it myself online.

This has been the way things have been going. Get so far-then stopped. Get so far-then things change. Get so far-new info.

I’ve learned just to roll…

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Yeah, I read your earlier post when I was on eternal hold this morning… in my frame of mind it didn’t give me hope…just frustrated me more. But that’s MY issue. :slight_smile:

Sounds healthy… I need to try that.

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And yet, our local military travel office - with plenty of Armed Forces Salute tickets in inventory - has heard nothing from Disney other than the “sometime later in summer”.

When I spoke to an agent there yesterday she’d not heard anything. She said Disney could certainly have handled 2020 ticket sales better.