Rumour - 2020 tickets may be on sale July 9th

According to a TA Facebook page, it seems that tickets for 2020 may go on sale tomorrow, July 9th.

The other rumoured date has been Saturday, July 11th when MK and AK open.

Fingers crossed for anyone who needs them. Also wondering if @OBNurseNH has heard anything?


Have not

This makes sense! People with hotel bookings have had their shot for a couple of weeks now. They also have the ability to show park availability while you buy a ticket so now you buy knowing if you have a reservation.

It makes sense to me that the ticket booth has to be open no later than the first day of operations of a park. Otherwise if someone comes with 4 out of 5 members of their party having a ticket, or even if there was just an unexpected problem with their ticket, they would be able to resolve. Disney needs to have the option of issuing a ticket, even if they limit to in-person transactions, expanding an existing party, extending or upgrading an existing ticket, etc. More likely, they will just have all options open before Saturday.

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I’ll bet the number of people looking to buy tickets now will be significantly smaller than the number who would have bought two weeks ago, due to the Covid situation, quarantine orders etc. In the end maybe the delay was good for guests.

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This would be great. I was contemplating going the convention ticket route that @JJT has info on but I’m just a little bit risk averce. We need one ticket for our party…the rest of us have APs.

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My TA sent me an email this morning saying she could buy tickets for me tomorrow morning. Now to actually decide if we’re still going…


Sorry if I’ve missed this anywhere, but does anyone know if this will also be for offsite guests wanting to buy tickets, or will it only be for guests with resort reservations but no tickets yet? We will be in the area and have talked about doing one day at MK if tickets become available, but we are not staying onsite.

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Nothing more at this point.

They may give those with onsite reservations a couple of days head start, so that they then know how many they can then sell and still be at a comfortable capacity level.

I think that would be fair to be honest, it’s been a very nervy wait for some, especially where people didn’t have the option to cancel and rebook.

But we’ll see tomorrow.

Ok thanks!

That’s excellent news. I sent my TA an email (I haven’t heard from her but things are just still so crazy for them, I’m sure). I hope she tells me the same thing!

Since you’ve helped me so much before @OBNurseNH. Do you have difference in price of a 5-day base tickets verse a 6-day base ticket? I’m trying to calculate how much more I need to spend to add a day to my tickets. (assuming I can tomorrow)

It’s something ridiculously small like $20 per ticket.

IMO it’s worth it in case you want to go on that day even for a quick pop-in

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I have a Sept 2020 reservation without tickets. I would think if they were going on sale for resort guests tomorrow we would have been notified by now?

There are multiple reports now of TAs who have told their clients the same thing.

And someone else told to “expect an announcement very soon”.

It could be it’s just for TA booking tomorrow though, we just have to see what, if anything, is announced.

This is the exact wording my TA sent to me today.

Please let me know if you would like pricing for any tickets - they will still be date based and once tickets are purchased and linked to your My Disney Experience account, you would be able to access the new Park Pass Reservation System.

She says resuming tomorrow, so it sounds to me it is for everyone.

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Not a rumor anymore!


Now for the big decision… Do I spend another 1600 on 4 day base tickets for this stay or use 4 days of my 7 day hopper tickets that we will use otherwise next summer? I’d prefer to keep my hoppers in tack, but also don’t love the idea of spending more for tickets this year.

Anyone know if we buy tickets tomorrow and end up not going… Are they refundable directly through Disney?

Tickets directly from Disney are not refundable unless they are part of a package. You can however apply the cost of those tickets to a future ticket purchase.

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Well the tickets are there… but I’m finding it oddly hard to pull the trigger on buying them. My son and husband are not enthusiastic about the trip right now (Oct/Nov dates) and I really hate the term non-refundable right now. Every vacation plan I’ve made this year has gone sideways…

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