Rumors of Free Dining 2018 yet?

I know it’s early, but any rumors/news on free dining for Nov/Dec 2018 yet? They changed some of the details last year. We have our reservations made for Dec 1st and are just hoping they offer free dining again. I think it usually is available around April - correct?
Thanks for any information.

I have a free dining bounce back offer booked. The first date available for that offer was the 7th of December I think ( for December).

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I did not receive that offer and the reservationist didn’t have any information on anything available yet. When was your last trip if you don’t mind me asking. Ours was in 2016.

Inventory is so low they have very little incentive to offer guests any bargains. I’ll be surprised if it comes out as anything of value with anything more than extremely limited dates and locations.


I’m thinking the same thing. Especially with TSL opening in the summer. Oh well, anything would be nice!

I booked my bounce back September 2017.

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In prior years I was always able to book the free dinning plan between first part of Sept, all the way into Dec. Last year they changed things a little on what type of resort you had to stay at in order to get The standard Disney Dinning Plan. It used to be you could get it if you stayed at a Deluxe or Intermediate resort. Last year you had to stay at a Deluxe resort or only get a Quick Service Plan with a Value or Intermediate resort.

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I found this article. Hope it helps.

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Thank you, we’ll see!

So here’s another question to add to my Free Dining inquiry! Looks like our arrival dates will not match the rumored Free Dining. My understanding is you have to arrive during the free dining. So would it be worth it to split our trip dates to get the free dining? It may increase our room rates and have to pay for parking though. Our current dates are 12/1 - 12/10. Free dining is rumored to begin 12/7 for December. I don’t think it would be worth the trouble to do all the changing. Any thoughts? Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks,

I would think that December 7th date is right. I have a free dining bounce back trip booked and the 7th was the first date available.

I’ve been following on disboards and someone who works at disney stated that after their training session today free dining would be released tomorrow and like @PrincipalTinker states the December dates were 12/7 as the starting December date.

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Was there any talk of the November dates? The rumored date is much later in the month than it has been the last several years.

It is out now. Nov dates are 24-27 for checkin.

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Free Dining is out for 2019 and early this time. It was released Jan 2, 2019. The resorts and offer is here:

With Star Wars land opening in the Fall at WDW this year, I wonder if this is the only Disney free dining we will see in 2019.