Rumors of DVC 2022 Point Chart Revisions?

I generally stay away from the Disboards, and don’t watch YouTube videos but I am a podcast junkie, and a DVC podcast junkie so I do download the podcast version of the DVC Fan Show.

Has anyone read/heard any rumors about the 2022 charts being revised “in the next month” anywhere other than Disboards?

That’s the only place I’ve heard about it as well.

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For anyone wondering, this is a summary

That"s the only place I have heard it too, but I have read the DIS thread and several people there have heard this? I. Believe changes would be putting about 4% worth of points back into the system.

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Am I right that since the Easter higher point time was expanded in 2022 in late April (when points are usually transitioning to a lower point category) they have also not reduced enough at other times?

My understanding of what is happening is that Disney is using the points that they own or otherwise pull out of inventory for breakage (individual room repair & maintenance) to change the total number of points available in a given year when creating the points chart. By doing that, they increase (eta - to say increase not decrease) the total number of points in the pot, making it cost more points to rent a room. The strategy was discovered by dis-boarders because the Easter holiday spans over three (?) different brackets and the poly only having studios. The studio factor eliminates the murkiness that occurs trying to analyze the charts for resorts that have 2 bdrm lockoffs.


I haven’t been able to figure this out. I think that only that time after Easter accounts for the overage of points. Thanksgiving is the only other holiday that might work this way too, but the chart puts all days in November except around Thanksgiving in the lower category no matter when Thanksgiving falls. So November always has the same number of points needed and doesn’t appear to need adjusting.

It will be interesting to see when they come out with the new charts (if they do). Because it is almost too late to adjust those April points. Maybe they spread them out over the rest of the year?

It’s almost too late for them to adjust the Tier 7 category in April – if we book Apr 7 we can go through the 14th, pushing most of that vacation in the highest tier. My guess is that they will adjust the 4/18-4/23 and 4/24-4/30 tiers, moving the points to September to keep the balance. Unless they adjust their pot to reduce their “breakage” inventory.

I glaze right over when these discussions come up. I can’t wrap my tiny brane around the details and the math of it.

Whenever we discover the bottom line, will someone please scupperize so that I know if I should be mad or not :laughing:


I think they have to reduce the breakage points pot? Hopefully? But I agree, the clock is ticking!

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Someone started a lil early this weekend :beers: :woozy_face:


This is why I told my husband when we bought, “don’t worry, there are a lot of really smart people who will analyze everything and threaten to sue if Disney screws us over!” :rofl:

Some people find FPP drop times, some figure out when the numbers dont work in our favor. Love this community :heart:


be mad.
back in my younger days, when I was an internal auditor for a local bank, the head teller at one of the branches we surprise audited (they LOVED that! sarcasm) was stealing. Each teller had a sheet they needed to fill out at the end of the day that detailed how much money they had in each denomination. The head teller also had a line for “mutilated money” – money that is damaged beyond repair and needs to be sent back to the Fed. Each day, the total on their sheet needed to match the total their computer said they had in the drawer. And by the way, the total we physically counted up when we audited them. When she would take a $20 bill, she would report the number of 20’s in her drawer accurately, but fudge the mutilated number. That way the total always matched, but the individual line items were misrepresented. The total pot is “right” but the amounts in each cup is wrong. Disney is doing something similar, although it’s not “illegal” per se. The total pot is all DVC points for a particular property, we have one cup as members, and the management company has another cup – buy back through ROFR, rooms they estimate to pull off line for repairs and rooms not rented out within the 30 day mark that they can rent out for cash. The amount that DVC is reporting in their cup is changing. That change is inflating the number of points in the pot, which makes the cost to stay increase. They are trying to hide their inflated number by having more tiers in the year and making more weeks fall into “premium” tiers.


How disappointing that you don’t speak Jenni

You share that example as a means for me to understand, I know.
But really, I still don’t quite get how it works.

I’m not wicked smaht about this kind of stuff.

But I’m mad now just the same. Thanks for helping me to sort out my emotions today :laughing:

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what makes me even more mad about this kind of thing is that they think that the members either won’t take the time to figure it out, or will get so confused by it that they’ll just let it go. I’m happy to let you know how you feel :laughing:


I guess this is what it will come down to? What “variations in the calendar” are allowed by law to influence the number of resort points in a year?

And I agree we should be mad! I see DVC as our faduciary, they should be acting on our behalf.


exactly! the whole thing feels like they’re intentionally trying to deceive us with complicated math.

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whaaaaaat? Disney Do that?! WHAAAAAAT?

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How do they manage complicated math when they can’t manage their IT?