Rumored Ticket Price Increase

Good morning, has anyone seen any more details of the rumored price increase? The last I heard was Len on Twitter suggesting Sept/Oct for an increase plus the addition of tiers for multi-day tickets. Disney Tourist Blog recently sent out an update email but it was also substantially lacking in details.

I’m looking at 5, 5 or 6 day tickets with possibly adding PH onto a few so I definitely want to lock in any savings, but I still can’t decide if I want the 5 or 6 days! I’m also attempting to go during the current “value” season, so I am also a little worried that they may actually drop the price of a “value” multi-day.

I’m also curious how they will actually categorize the different tiers.

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I’m answering my own question because Disney Tourist Blog released some added info that this will start October 16! The “tier” starts on the first day of visit. More details at the link, but the actual prices haven’t been released.

I hope that they release more details soon. It’s hard to know whether you’d be better off buying before or after the change if you’re going during a shoulder season.

That really is a terrible strategy for the consumers. Disney wants to control the crowds with Star Wars opening soon, so they are increasing the prices so there are less people but still as much money. Or people will go anyway, super crowded and they will make tons of maney.

We lose either way.