Rumor on Fast Pass++ returning

I saw this on the Smart Moms Disney facebook

FYI!! I was at disney last week and we decided to use a VIP tour for HS. I was asking the guide lots of questions about fast passes. At one point he mentioned fast passes might be back as early as January! 🙌 I hope he’s right!


Would be great if FPs and park hopping are back for my January trip. But I’m not optimistic

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Excellent news! Even though it’s just a rumor, it gives me hope!!

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Could I ask whether RotR was included in the VIP tour? It wasn’t in Dec 2019, and wondering for my upcoming Dec 2020 trip


I am not putting my money on a random comment from a random tour guide who was probably sick of Karen’s many questions.



I’m a cheapskate, but if I were planning a trip anytime until end of next year, RotR on a VIP tour would have me forking over the cash.

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You still have to get a BG yourself for RotR on a VIP tour, but having got one you will then use the FP entrance for the ride. So still the same policy as before.

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thx. That’s a slight difference: I had to get our BGs and we then used the regular standby/BG line.

I booked the VIP because of the insane crowds – our big December trip ended up getting crowd-bombed by the opening of SWGE a couple of days before we arrived. It was worth it as a one-time thing, and I was thinking about it given HS crowds and wait times, but if it doesn’t guarantee RotR, that totally rules it out for me.


Does the VIP tour get you around the Park Reservations? Time period we are looking at going on an impromptu trip is a no go for Disney Studios.

Hope it happens and I think it might…We are scheduled for April and will reschedule if there’s no FP+, fireworks or shows

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Even if FP returns in January, it might not return in the same form. For example, technically speaking, MaxPass is a means of obtaining FastPasses at Disneyland. So, all the FastPass signage is still applicable at WDW, but they could go to a MaxPass or other pay system and still call it FastPass.

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I agree and that has been the rumor…But WDW is very different than DL and i think they are more likely to have more of a set up like Disney Paris does, with a paid option for either 1 time usage on rides or unlimited rides along with a MaxPass style system

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Off to research Disney Paris option.

Ugh, all this not knowing is such a challenge to even plan what trip days we go. Prior to COVID, our plan for our fall 2021 trip is to do a couple days at Disney, then hit Universal in the middle of the trip, then head back to Disney at the end so those trip days were 60+5, 60+6 for any newer/top tier ride fastpasses we wanted.
Then COVID hit, no fastpasses, so we decided to start at Universal and then move to Disney for the end. I hate to move our hotel rooms around again between the 2 properties, is it even possible to start at a Universal hotel, with 5 day Disney tickets, visit a Disney park the 1st day and then use the rest of the tickets once we switch to the Disney hotel at the end of the week. Would that make our other 4 days potentially 60+3, 60+4, 60+5, 60+6? I thought fastpass planning was tied to the Disney hotel, which is why I’m confused if our scenario would play out (IF they even implement fastpasses as we knew them in the past)

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You will have to look at the expiration date after you use it. So, for example, the 10 day ticket that was going to get pre-Covid expired 14 days after first use. The shorter tickets have fewer rest days built in.

So… like Universal?

You still need a park reservation for park # 1. So if you want to try for ROTR you would need one for DHS or try at 2pm.

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This is the main deciding factor on our May/June trip.

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Well not really either.

DLP has three “tiers” of paid fastpass. One is for “family rides” and one for “thrill rides” plus one for all rides.

And on top of that you have the “ride each one once” vs “ride as many times as you want” option.

So six choices.

On top of that is the FP on the day which is like the old FP system at WDW - go to a ride, insert ticket, get printed return FP ticket. That bit would likely be changed to a MaxPass style system done on the app, rather than put in all those machines again.

Looks like DLP has something just DL Max Pass at the lower levels, and Universal’s express pass at the highest level.