Rumor - Minnie Vans returning?

According to Blog Mickey, Minnie Vans may be coming back!

They were suspended pre-Covid and there was speculation they were permanently axed.


Wow, with the new private transport contract they have with Mears for vacation packages and the labor challenges I wasn’t expecting these rumors.

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This is absolutely no criticism of you, @Nicky_S

But seriously what a weak “story”. Basically the story says exactly what the title of this thread says and almost nothing more. And truly nothing to say there is anything upon which this rumor is substantiated.

It just bugs me that so many of these sites now want so badly to be The First Ones To Break The Story that they just throw anything out there if the wind blows just right. I would bet a lot that this is based on the fact that the vans were seen out at Princess Marathon Weekend (they were used as barriers) and before that at Marathon Weekend (in the same capacity). The other thing the article says is there’s a rumor they are staffing up — and that’s not rumor that’s actual factual and has been so for some time now.

Yesterday KtP broke a similarly weak “story” that there’s a rumor out there about a height restriction for the new GOTG ride coming soon. Seriously? That’s news?

I know it’s a little early to be up on a soapbox. But here I am.

Edited: apologies to @mikejs78 No hard feelings. :wink:


I know it is a different skill set but I really hope they will bring back the WL/FW/CR boat loop before this.


This is true of news in general. I’m really sick of reading that X may happen. That’s not news. It’s speculation. Tell me when it has done. Assuming I need to know. Which nine times out of ten I don’t.


I think I read somewhere that the height requirement is 42” but now I can’t remember where!

In their defence, Blog Mickey does have some sources from somewhere in the company. And they said there’s a rumor they are staffing up to bring the service back, which would suggest maybe internal job adverts.

If this was purely based on the vans being out at the RunDisney races they would have run with it then. Just like some got excited about the CoH characters, which was debunked by the actors themselves.

And finally they do at least say that it’s a rumor. Which is more than a certain site did when they ran with the story the Minnie Vans were permanently ended.

But I take your point. The sites I trust the most haven’t picked it up yet, which means they’re checking it out first.


Honestly, so does WDWNT and many people here won’t read anything they post.


There are reasons people don’t like WDWNT. For me it’s because they have a track record of stealing other people’s work without crediting it.

There’s a user over at the wdwmagic forums who does an excellent job at keeping on top of all the permit filings for WDW. He posts updates all the time along with screenshots of the permits. He also watermarks those permits.

WDWNT has, numerous times, run stories about wdw permit filings with the watermarked screenshot belonging to this user without crediting him. To me, that’s really bad form, and one of the reasons I don’t care for WDWNT.

And as @Nicky_S points out, WDWNT often states rumors as fact, whereas other sites at least state them as rumors. I’m fine with rumors tbh, they can be fun. But at least call them a rumor.


That is a good point but not generally the reason given by others.

I think most blog posters have CMs sending them things (and sometimes this info is planted). I just don’t think having “inside” info should make us believe/not believe a post. We should know any story can be “planted”.

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That is true - although some sites have much better track records than others. Some vet their sources, try to find multiple individuals saying the same thing, etc. Based on what I’ve seen I would put Blog Mickey in the middle of the pack when it comes to rumors that end up coming to fruition, WDWNT in the lower half lately, and Inside the Magic at rock bottom.

The one site I tend to trust when it comes to rumors is wdwmagic - they rarely post rumors at all, and when he does they tend to be accurate.


One of these days I’ll convince you that I’m not him… Not sure how, but I will.


I have actually been pretty concerned about some of Blog Mickey’s info in the last six months, and I never had those concerns before. I have unsubscribed from just about everything these days (other than TP). I cannot stand blogs that embed new info in old and KtP is at that bottom level for me.


I agree with you about KtP… He used to be a lot better.


I know he has blog writers (and many have this same issue) but there needs to be quality control.


A friend of mine writes for KTP and has acknowledged on some level that it’s gotten to be lower quality than in the past.


My reason is pretty straight up: I despise click bait


Ding, ding, ding!!! I would say that is 100% the #1 reason!


That’s my joint #1 reason for despising the guy and the site.
Along with taking stories from WDWMagic forum posts without credit.


Wait! So @OBNurseNH thinks your’re Blog Mickey? Why???