Rumor. Frontierland Shooting Arcade to be replaced with DVC Lounge (UPDATE:Semi-Confirmed)

I’m told that one of the motivations for this is to reduce the risk of Cast Member injury.

The exact words I got were “teenagers and gasoline don’t mix.”


I wonder what an 8 hour shift breathing that exhaust all day does to one’s lungs over the course of a few months? Can’t be good…

Toss in the potential for noise reduction as well and it is a wonder they never did this before.


And brain, TBH.


It took them over 50 years to figure this out?


Doesn’t look like Disney has plans for electric cars at Tommorrowland Speedway. From the same LA times reporter

If the rumors about them bringing the Cars ride to MK is true, it seems the Tomorrowland Speedway is kind of redundant. That’s a decent sized plot if land for them to do something else with.

(Article is paywall protected, so can’t read it)