Rumor from Country Bear Jamboree to be replaced with Toy Story Marionette Show

Toy Story in Frontier Land? With D23 coming up in a few weeks, I expect to see a lot more stories about new attractions coming.

Story from Bye Bye Bears

Sorry fellas. I’m the kiss of death. Last trip I was determined to ride GMR because I’d never seen it. Closed. I wanted to see Illuminations this trip because I’d never seen it. Cancelled. We were gonna catch Country Bears this trip because I’ve never seen it…


I tell you what! If they try to do that there will for SURE be blood on the saddle!



Whilst there could be announcements about Brazil and a U.K. attraction, I don’t think there will be too much new stuff for the 50th. It’s getting too late.

Expect a lot more details on what is already happening - the Epcot redesign and so on. Maybe specifics on the new indoor play experience, Space Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant, the whole area created by the demolition of Innoventions and the SSE refurb.

Possibly confirmation of a Speedway make-over, more details about the Star Wars Resort, and I’m hoping for a night-time parade for the 50th - but that is purely wishful thinking.

Brazil may break ground before winter.

But this latest rumour? Not one insider has confirmed it, in fact the CBJ was due an upgrade in time for the 50th according to one.


I would legit be devastated if this happened.


Are you taking requests?

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The Black Cloud is at your service


Our family loves the Bears! Our family loves Toy Story! But we want to keep the Bears!

The one thing I wanted to do and missed last trip!!! Argh— they better not close it! I’ll be so sad… :sob:


I request he plans to take a ride on the current iteration of Figment…

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The article references 50 changes for the 50th Anniversary. It’s the first I’ve heard this but that sounds like something WDW would do. A change like this, redo a show inside an existing space is a lot quicker & easier than a completely new ride building or pavilion.

Here comes Wreck it Ralph to Tomorrowland.

My guess is a lot of those are already underway.

Such as the repainting of the rocks at the entrance to Tomorrowland, the re-opening of Rafiki’s Planet Watch, the new version of ROL etc. And the Epcot redo could account for a heck of a lot of them.

It sounds a grand promise, the reality is that the new stuff for the 50th is likely to be somewhat underwhelming, other than things like Ratatouille, GotG and Tron, which we already know about.

Brazil has no chance of being ready before 2022

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Before anyone gets too worked, remember the source…

I’ve done some research, and the person who has repeatedly had the best and most accurate “insider knowledge” is very doubtful. Yes, there are plans to “update” it for the 50th, but he said that he knows of no IP rebranding planned.


I have a healthy fear of marionettes. :flushed:

I love the Country Bears. :bear:

Let the (preemptive but it’s the Internet so lol) rioting begin. :sunglasses:


It could be if they want it to be. Putting up a restaurant, a few shops, and maybe a performance venue, on already cleared land that was designed for expansion in the first place, should take less than a year. If they’re creating a new ride (but why should they do that?) maybe a bit longer. Most of Disney’s slow rate of building is intentional; they want to stretch a project out over as many quarters as possible to keep the on-paper profits up for their investors.


Toy Story show would fit much better in HS land with the same name! Would help with this park’s capacity as well…

So they’re not turning SSE into Monsters, inc and making it look like a giant Mike Wazowski?


Ummmmm how do I say this?..



It’s actually a problem of math. Wherein there is too much work to be done and not enough construction workers to do it.

This is one of the best responses ever! BRAVO!