*Rumor*Direct Pricing going up to $217pp December

I do find DVC news to be pretty reliable

This rumor has been circulating for about a month or so now and I find it credible based on history alone

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Should it be that they are going up $10 a point to $217 a point? I have been reading this for a few weeks.

Tried editing title iPhone not cooperating today

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I think people are unsure if there will be an increase to all resorts or just the three actively selling?

I am guessing it’s gonna be all - seriously some of the wording like the lounge access ect - they are really IMO not pushing down the resale market per say but making direct add ons way more attractive

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I seriously considered adding a small 50 point AKL contract. With that contract I struggled with a resale contract that started with less points but saved me less than 2k. When I added how much it would cost to rent the missing points, that gap was less than $1500. If direct prices increase, I think I would lose that direct price incentive.

In the end I decided I will not spend the money that way, but that was more about Disney than DVC.

Ugh - wish you had mentioned it sooner…been toying with the idea of just a few more points…

  • but at this point it’s probably gonna be more Wyndham

The only other thing is that re-sale small contracts closing costs and fees can be a lot higher than DVC closing…

Yes, that is why the gap decreases.

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Sorry! If I hear stuff while I’m actually here on the board I add it.
If I’m AFK I don’t always remember to come back later

Sorry - I mentioned it on a different thread :frowning:

I think the link title is the key to the increase. DVD is setting the stage to start selling VDH contracts, starting in the fist half of next year. So $217 with a small discount for existing owners. Riv will see higher discounts I’m guessing because they have lots of points to sell with selling VGF and VDH. Plus soon the new Poly tower.