Rumor about Park Pass Reservations for Hopping

NOOOOOOO !!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Sentence with a foot stomp)


It IS just a rumor.

That’s one of the things I was keeping in my hat to use next time, to give us more flexibility. It shouldn’t surprise me, I guess, but I was surprised to hear this is even a consideration. Or is it just clickbait?

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jussssst keeeeep pushin’ guys. Just keep pushing. You’ll find that line. That line where everyone will have just had enough and not come any more.

yeah but it’s one that’s been around since the very introduction of the APRs. We were all surprised when it wasn’t going to require a secondary reservation.


I know, read that. Still: NOOOOO!


Disney execs actively brainstorming “How can we make our guest experience worse?”

“Oh - I know - everyone hates Park Reservations. Let’s force people to make more of them. Like if they want to park hop, they have to tell us 60 days in advance.”

“Genius! Get on that…”

Does Chapek win a prize if he gets to no one to come or something? This has a Brewster’s Millions type situation written all over it…


I keep wondering where that line is? Right now there are thousands of ppl waiting hours in lines in 100 degrees temps. Yuck :face_vomiting:. I’m starting to think that there is nothing to dissuade ppl.


What the actual fuck Disney!? Does this mean that I can do 4 parks in one day prior to noon if I wanted to? highly doubtful. Is their staffing really that difficult that they need to micromanage us? Really?

And what exactly does this bit mean “Disney may also introduce multiple Park Passes to only specific tiers of tickets or sell the option as an upgrade.” Another ticket type? Isn’t that what a park hopper ticket already is?


I think this suggests that you make the hop-reservation mid-day.

But even still then that also then would call into question, do you still have to do that stupid “check into your first park” if it’s past 2PM? Also, does this violate something in the Annual Passes like it did for DLR? The reason they stopped selling APs was something about blackout dates or park unavailability but the passes said otherwise or something.

Sure am glad Josh is listening to all that guest feedback, right!?

dunno. For me…this wouldn’t be my line per say…unless I try to hop AND the park I’m after is unavailable. Especially if I had purchased Genie+. Then me and Disney are going to have to have a discussion regarding compensation.

And with those systems in mind, I would say “no idiot in their right mind would enact a hop-reservation requirement” …but then this is D’amaro and Chapek’s Disney…and so I’m not so sure.


Alternatively, I would actually love this IF:

  1. you CAN make your park hopping reservations 60 days out because
  2. it removes the 2PM restriction.

So I could, essentially, do what I do for my Touring Plan: Select every park, every day. And then hop at my leisure again.


Wow - I think I’d like that even less than what I was envisioning. So I have an ADR at Be Our Guest and plan to park hop to MK, but I can’t get a hop reservation? I’m just out of luck on my meal? Will they charge me the no-show fee even though they didn’t let me show? Ugh…

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Unless they force you to identify a time-frame of entry for each park


another salient reason why I wouldn’t think his would be implemented as described.

But again: the derp is strong in Disney right now.


You’re always cautioned not to make a dining reservation at a park for which you do not have admission. So you would not make one at a park to which you would plan to park but for which you can’t get a ressie. Or yes, you’re out. Because currently they would charge you the no-show fee for this


I could work within that though.

My “want” is to still do the “Breakfast in one park, lunch in another, dinner in another.” That’s a fairly large margin for me, but I know it’d be a giant pain for most.

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Now that’s inspired thinking. Although I think you are delusional if you think “Budget Bob” Chapek is going to let you hold 4 park reservations for the same day. He might actually have to staff multiple parks!


It would be an enormous pain and also negates your “at my leisure” qualifier

only to a point. MK: 9-11, AK 11-3, Epcot: 3-close (just as an example). Then, if I want to try for HS… I could always attempt the ‘day of’ reservation.

Oh I’m sure that’s not how it’s going to play and it will be exactly the worst-case scenario we’re all envisioning (day of, still 2pm hard limit, etc). D’amaro and Chapek have screwed this all up quite soundly

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Makes me think one reservation in the morning, one for after 2 on a normal park hopper. That would be the advantage for them, for staffing, I would think.

Then, maybe you have to have an AP or be a DVC member to have the option for multiple park passes in the same day. Which you would still probably pay more for.

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Not I.

We hardly hop and I for sure am not going to pay above and beyond the cost of the PH ticket to do so. FTN. They want to know they line? They’ve already crossed it. We have no plans to return (after my Sept trip which has been long planned) until mid2024 at the soonest. And if this shit keeps up, that will be re-evaluated too.

I can always rent out all my DVC points and go to some other bucket-list locations instead and walk away with money left over.