Rules about 13yo's alone

well… we all wait to hear the answer :wink:

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Man, I don’t know if I’ll even remember the question. It’s really just for the last day I’m thinking so I can avoid Rainforest Cafe. ha ha ha. They can eat lunch there while we eat at Tiffins I’m thinking.

Here’s my new plan with kids to include most of her wants and mine (She’s giving up Cindy’s and I’m giving up Rose & Crown)
5/29 lunch at Be Our Guest and dinner at Cali Grill
5/30 lunch at Mama Melrose’s (dinner at Kimonos but this doesn’t take rezzies)
5/31 lunch at Sci-Fi and dinner at bluezoo
6/1 dinner at Biergarten
6/2 lunch at Yak & Yeti, dinner at Sanaa
6/3 lunch at Jungle Navigation Co. and dinner at Tony’s Town Square
6/4 (someone turns 14!) Breakfast at Ale & Compass (other options are Trattoria or Topolino’s which seems much more expensive)
6/5 dinner at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’
6/6 dinner at Tutto Italia Ristorante
6/7 dinner at Le Cellier
6/8 dinner at Topolino’s
6/9 lunch at Tiffins for DH and me and at Rainforest Cafe for the teens

Can you tell which are her choices?

Edit: The days with two TS I’ll probably aim to do them 7 hours apart and skip breakfast and eat light for lunch or her choice when dinner is her choice aka Tony’s


So yes, but you have to do it through the phone so they can be the primary person on the reservation

Edit: 150 min wait for 1 min question and answer. And my phone battery is drained! About 30% left. ha ha ha.


Sorry, to clarify, are you saying you can have a 14-year-old be the primary person on a reservation, but you have to do it over the phone?

yessir, exactly.
Edit: so another 2.5 hour call?
PS I called Rainforest Cafe directly and they also said this was fine as long as they had magic bands or cash or my daughter having her own Visa debit card to pay. They don’t want them using parent’s credit card directly.


We are debating dinner at bluezoo or Narcoossee’s this day. Have you been to bluezoo before?

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if you decide bluezoo around 7pm wave. I won’t look like my picture as I’m not a rottweiler but I’m 5’4" and hubby is 6’4" so we should be recognizable. :wink: We are staying at BWV and will be at DHS that day so bluezoo makes more sense for us.

Edit: No, I have not been there before but the menu looks amazing as do the photos and 4.5 stars on website review sites.

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UGH. I feel like every time I’ve called Disney since COVID hit it’s been an hour wait or more everytime. So sorry. At least you got it figured out!

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