Rule changed for kids turning 3 mid-trip?

This! It really should be 13+


And what CM wants to be the birthday police for 3 yo kids.

CMs generally don’t question. Our youngest granddaughter was tall for her age. At 8 she definitely looked 10. Nobody at turnstiles or restaurants made any comments.

We did have a pair of small 9 yo kids get questions before some Legoland rides. They’d simply tell the employees: we’re 9!! Clearly a safety issue.

At Disney, in Typhoon Lagoon, our very tall great granddaughter at 8 was not allowed in the little kids area where her sisters were playing. Again, safety issue.


In January Mia was 10, but close to 5’ tall and when we checked in for a reservation at Diamond Horseshoe they asked if she was a child. I said she’s 10, but we were still charged for a child… that might have been because the server definitely noticed that she only ate mashed potatoes and mac n cheese.


My daughter is pretty tall, and was so at age 9, and that actually benefited us at the Star Wars experience at the now-closed Void. You have to be 10 or older, but with her height, we were never questioned.