RSP + Early Entry

I am trying to get a handle on the best use of our time, and when exactly FP opens for Radiator Springs. In poking around the TP website, I found this “Hotel guests using Early Entry privileges should look for a private FASTPASS queue outside the kiosk corral, and step into shortly before regular park hours start.” I figured get there 20-30 before early morning starts and then head straight for the ride-- is that not a good idea? If it isn’t does anyone know specifically where this private queue is? @GuySelgaJr @Len

We are staying at the hotel and crowd calendar currently shows 3 out of 10 for that day (4/18)

If you arrive 20-30 minutes early you probably won’t have much wait on the ride. The reason why we mention the RSR FP line is because you can ride other things like Toy Story Mania, Soarin, or Tower of Terror with minimal wait during early entry, and then go to the Racers FP line right before the park opens to regular day guests and get one of the first FP tickets. You’ll get a lot done if you’re in the park that early, no matter what strategy you choose.

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I didn’t see a private que this last Jan. And, 20/30 min is not early enough in my opinion. We enter at the Grand Californian and use the back entrance (via Pacific Wharf) for Cars Land and have been first (or close to it) on the attraction every time. Being among the first has meant that we could even ride a second time with little wait. You could use single rider later in the evening to experience RSR at night.

This is great info, thank you!

Those are good tips! We were planning to do 2 of our 3 EE mornings at DCA; really were battling between making a beeline to RSR when we first enter the park for EE versus doing all the rides like @GuySelgaJr suggested and then getting in line for RSR FP before the park opens to regular guests.
We’re just super excited to ride RSR because we never have before and, embarrassingly enough, it’s one of the only reasons we decided to stay on property so we could get in the park early to ride :wink:

Just to be clear, I meant arrive at the Grand Californian entrance 30-45 min before early entry. Head straight to RSR using the Pacific Wharf back entrance. (Check a map). Move with a purpose. You could (as I have…every time) very easily could be the first to ride using this technique. Once you get off the attraction, hit it again if the line is manageable. Then, hit whatever else you’d like: Luigi, Toy, Screamin, Tower (in that order for me). Get to the RSR FP machines (NOT in Cars Land by the way) a little before regular park opening of you want to ride a 3rd time. Return to Cars Land a little before sundown for the lighting ceremony; confirm with a CM in the morning on the timing but it’s around Sundown. Ride RSR again at night- using single rider if necessary- to get a whole other feel for the attraction.


Sweet! I like this idea too! So I’m coming armed with a couple of different strategies, I dig it! Thanks @Sam2071! We have two mornings of EMH at DCA during our trip so we can definitely play around with it. I gotta say, though, I like the idea of hitting RSR right off the bat. We will have already downed our Starbucks so I think we’ll have no problems moving with the purpose you mentioned! Thanks again!

Thank you so very much. This site has been super duper helpful and it’s why we are going back a second time after just going to DL only in Nov. The SoCal ticket was too good to pass up + all this “insider” information.