RPR- suggestions?

RPR didn’t have regular rooms left, so I booked us on club level #suchashame. :wink:

Any room/view/tower I should request? I want minimal hall & neighbor noise.

Where’s the @derekburgan room (suite?)? (Or is it actually in the basement?) Cheers! :tropical_drink:

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Send me an email to Derek@touringplans.com :slight_smile:

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Thanks for being a good sport about the teasing; I know they wouldn’t put you in the basement! You’re the best!

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OK so is there anything else I need to do? Room is booked, flight is paid for, tickets are on the way, I even made touring plans!

WDW has me conditioned to pre-plan, pre-book everything…I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Meals: I’m thinking club lounge brekkie, Leaky Cauldron/3B for early lunches, Tchoup Tchoup, CowFish for dinners…maybe just snack in lounge one night…

I’m guessing we’ll just taxi to/from resort…

OH I remember what I needed to ask: I have a 3-day ticket…do I use our 3rd (half) day on arrival afternoon or departure day? Flight leaves in the evening.

Relax no need to over plan a UOR trip. :wink:

For the half a day you can resort hop, they’re all within a shot walk, boat ride, or bus ride. Explore CityWalk some, do some shopping, etc

I’d use it on arrival day. I’m always clock watching on departure day, and you’ll have to check out. Of course you can always add 4 th day if you haven’t had enough!

Excellent points @ParkscopeJoe and @Danadanes! It will be nice to vacation where we can actually relax and just go with the flow. I think we’ll use our last day to resort-hop, etc, and hit the parks our first afternoon. IF WE FEEL LIKE IT. Thank you!!!

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