Royal table breakfast ADR Q's

This is my first topic/post, so I’ll apologize in advance for sounding less than well versed and abbreviated!!

Planning our trip for October, and one of the things we’re hoping to pull off is an EARLY morning ADR for Royal Table breakfast, first of the day. As of now, it appears as though the park opens at 9am. That means breakfasts start at 8am.

  1. Assuming that I’m correct on the hours, and we get an 8am ADR, how early do the buses start? We are going to be Art of Animation, so minnie vans are out.

  2. should I make a second reservation for later in the event that they schedule EMM and eating at 8am would waste that early rise time?

I’m great at planning for DL and DCA but WDW is breaking my brain.

Thanks for tips and advice in advance!!

Buses start around 6.30 from resorts.

By EMM, I think you mean EMH - extra magic hours which are open to all resort guests. You can look at historical hours to see if the park generally opens earlier on your date. EMM is early morning magic, which is an extremely limited hard ticket event - it’s believed only 300 tickets are sold - and that’s always on a Sun or Tues. Those guests can only ride 7DMT, PP and WtP.

I personally wouldn’t book 2 times as it’s a prepaid reservation so will be pretty expensive! Unless you’re travelling during holidays, it’s unlikely they will change to a standard 8am opening, and you should be able to avoid EMH by checking as I said above.

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Ah… that helps on the buses, had no idea they got cracking that fast. Thank you mightily for that info. What time do you think we should plan to hop on a bus from AoA to make an 8am reservation on an 9am opening? What about just hitting rope drop on any park?

My travel agent called their “source” at the park, and the hours are 9am with no EMH scheduled. However, touring plans seems to be predicting that day (October 16th) as a EMH day. So, an 8am breakfast would actually be counterproductive if it’s an EMH day.

To make an 8am reservation I’d be at the bus stop at 6.45. When going to MK for a 9am park opening, Main St opens at 8am anyway so probably around 7 or you may be at the back of the crowd. EP/DS 8am. AK it depends if you are intending to ride FOP at RD. If so, you need to be at the park by 7.30 ish for a short wait and I’d say 6.45 again. If not, 8am should be fine.