Royal pacific

Does the royal pacific have refrigerators in each room? Also, do they all have Keurig coffee pots? Thanks

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Yes to both questions! They have small in room refrigerators . I brought extra starbucks kcups for the coffee maker.

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Thank you very much

I will add that the small refrigerator’s are really coolers. They look like frig but only cool items. Not safe for food. I was there last week and we had a long discussion about it, there is a frig in the bellhop, luggage storage area that you can use.

What does this mean? When I think cooler, I think an insulated box. You put ice in it, and it keeps your cold items cold until the ice melts.

When you say it cools items, that sounds like a refrigerator (though not a freezer). And a refrigerator is certainly safe for food, because it actively maintain a cold temperature inside while there is power.

Do these whatever-they-ares maintain a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as long as power is supplied, or are they unpowered, insulated boxes? I can’t fathom that it’s not one of those 2.

I know what you mean capn-ed, I thought the same thing. But they told me they would not use them to keep food safe. They work ok for water, soda, beer, etc. I talked with a number of staff personal and some of them were not even aware of that. No idea what the temp is inside the frig and I saw no way to increase it. We used our small cooler and refilled with ice from the machine twice a day.

They do not get very cold, so unsafe for milk, yogurt and such. They are fine for water, soda, beer, applesauce but I will not use them for dairy anymore. I tried when they first started using them but the dairy products were too warm the first day and I was afraid to eat them. This is true at both Universal and Disney resorts that no longer have fridges with controls.

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