Royal Guest Room - Room Requests?

Booked today for a last minute trip (next week!). Staying 3 nights at POR in a Royal Guest Room. I’m doing online check in and have never stayed here before. What room requests should I ask for, and are there particular rooms/buildings that I should fax a request for? Thanks in advance!

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There are only two buildings for the RRs and they are both centrally located . Standard view?

Edited to add: although I have stayed at Parterre Place at least a half dozen times, and it is my favorite building, I think I prefer the location of Oak Manor.

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Yes, standard view. I have never booked a trip on this short notice before (check in in 9 days). We have stayed in the Alligator Bayou section and loved it, but never anywhere else. Would love any tips. Thanks!

We found Parterre Place to be a great location. Although we had a river view, the nearby standard view rooms would also be pretty darned good.

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RR are a great location. You can take the bus to FQ at night, hop off, get some beignets and walk back! I like a higher floor, no reason, I just like it. Check out the back bus stop. If you are in Oak Manor the East depot may be the closest bus stop. Walk the grounds at night! Magical!