Route to FantasyLand during EMH?

Now that the welcome show is by the castle, has anyone experienced any issues getting to Fantasyland during morning EMHs?
When we visit in Nov, EMH is from 7a-8a. Park opens at 8a. I assume crowds gather in the hub well before 8am so I’m wondering if that will impact our route back to Fantasyland. I’m remaining optimistic that we can get up and out early enough to take advantage of most of the EMH but I also have to be a little realistic and think that we may not get to MK until closer to 730! I still want to jump on as many rides in Fantasyland as possible and wondering if there’s a better path to take?

Related: we are staying at the Boardwalk - catching a bus at 6:30a should allow for plenty of time to get to MK for 7, right?

Try the railroad right at the entrance to MK. I believe that stops at Fantasyland or close. DocHopper