Route from HS to BW

On our HS day for our trip in 2 weeks (!!) we have a late breakfast at Trattoria al Forno on our HS day. Can someone give me some guidance on landmarks, etc to look for on the walk between these two places? When I exit HS, do I head left or right? I feel a little lost & no one else going will have a clue. I’d like to minimize the wandering if possible.


I’m afraid I’m not much help directly, but do you have a smartphone? You can use google maps set to walking (rather than car, bus, rail, etc.) to map out your route and basically have a walking GPS.

I’m curious about this also as I have the same plan for our trip. Looks like such a yummy place for brunch!

I know there is currently construction so I’m not positive this still holds true. As you exit the park, the sidewalk splits to the left and right. To the left is the boat dock (this could also be an option for you to get to lunch) to the right take the walkway straight, through the bus stops, keeping the water to your left and keep going. Once you reach the Boardwalk area you can cut through the resort to make your way to the Boardwalk. My husband and I had breakfast there last April and it was fabulous. Would love to go back for Lunch/Dinner! Enjoy!

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Still holds true with the construction - walk past all the bus stops and follow the path along the water. Just to add, when you get to the Boardwalk resort, watch out for the clown pool slide on your right. Turn in there, and walk around the pool fence to the other side to get to the Boardwalk. :slight_smile:

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I’m a visual person and a little bored this morning. Hope this helps smile:


When did you last walk it? Two weeks ago I took the boat since the barriers to the construction zone seemed to send you on a long detour.

We were there in April. There was a bit of construction then, but I think it has increased?

Just under a month ago. I believe not much has changed in terms of construction since then.

When I was there two weeks ago (I do not know if it was temporary) the Uber driver could not enter the same way as he had been earlier in the week. To get to the pathway I believe you had to exit, take a right, walk along the detour path and then turn left. It looked like a significant increase. I think it was the 3rd time I ever took the boat.

Thank you! I needed done way to orient myself and this helped a lot :slight_smile:

How long is this walk taking, right now? I just got an 11:30 reservation for Trattoria al Forno… now I need to readjust all of my HS plans. If we can do that walk in 20 minutes or so, it shouldn’t be a significant re-do.
If we don’t walk… how long does the boat ride take?

When I had asked before, I was told it took about 15 minutes. Not sure if it is longer with the construction or not.

Google maps is saying it is .8 miles and 16 minutes from HS to Boardwalk. I can’t tell if that’s accounting for the construction changes or not though. The boat is likely longer as Boardwalk is the 3rd stop - if the boat is there when you walk out it’s likely close, but the wait on the boat could easily be 10-20 minutes by itself.

I do not think Google Maps is showing the construction zone and detour.

The detour doesn’t add much, a couple of minutes max (if that). It definitely didn’t take us any longer to walk to HS from the Beach Club and Boardwalk than it usually does.

Yes, but the detour was not set up that way two weeks ago. I am not sure what the detour is like this week or in the next two weeks?

Lots of discussion too that the boats will stop for a few weeks at the end of November:

Rumors that IG may close at that time too, but does not seem to be confirmed.

I can’t imagine there is enough of a difference in the detour to add a significant amount of time. There have been no changes to parking lot closures, so the detour is still essentially routed through the same space as before. But sure, the OP may want to allow for an extra five minutes just to be on the safe side.

A friend confirmed that they have reopened the marked path to the path and around the construction (not the path I witnessed). They said 20 minutes to Swan/Dolphin at a brisk pace with the current detour. That would be about 25 to BW?