RotR - Worth a day's admission?

Hi, I have a trip to Orlando planned for June-July. I’ve done the Disney parks before, and am planning to spend most of my time in UOR (due to price/older family).

I am interested in Rise of the Resistance (and I’m a big Fantasmic! fan), so I’ve been thinking of paying for 1 day in Hollywood Studios - my question is - what are the odds I’d actually get to ride it?

If I’m not able to make it to the park for rope drop, $100pp feels like a lot to splash for a gamble at riding the new attraction.


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In my opinion, RotR is worth the price of admission. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to ride. The odds are in your favor, especially if you are staying on site and buy the ILL. But. It’s notorious for extensive, unpredictable downtime. Maybe someone can chime in with recent data on the wait times, down time and ILL availability. @Jeff_AZ @bebe80

Also, Fantasmic hasn’t reopened yet, in case that factors into your decision.


To clarify, it’s not VQ. Just standby. You can ride anytime, it’s just a long wait. Best advice is to ride late in the day with shorter waits. There would be a slim chance it’s down during the last hour.

Here are the waits from yesterday. Its a good visual of what to expect. The green dots are liners actual waits.

If you plan to visit EP, maybe get the parkhopper for that day.

If your family is not big Star Wars fans, I wouldn’t make a special trip to HS just for ROTR.


If you really only want to ride RotR, you could get an after 5pm convention ticket for about $75pp and just go in at 5pm and wait in line! It’s never 100% (I believe there have been days here and there where the ride does not open at all. Very rare though.) but I think that would be a very, very good shot at getting on the ride. And even if your wait is 2 hours, you could ride again!


That’s exactly what I would suggest as well.


Thanks for all the responses!
I hadn’t realised RotR wasn’t VQ any more (I did most of my research a few months back…) - that’s pretty reassuring to hear! Also hadn’t heard of convention tickets before, but does sound like it might be up my street.

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With taxes the after 1 ticket is $109 and the after 5 is $79. It’s pretty easy to look up how to find them.


The after 5 ticket is a great idea!

I just bought tickets from this convention site this morning! (Click on accommodations.) If you buy today you can get Genie+ and stack to have a bunch of other rides for after 5pm.