RotR Wait Times?

Didn’t want to hijack the Boarding Group Data thread, though that might have been a better place for this question…
But has anyone been tracking what the “normal” wait time is once your boarding group is called and you actually enter the queue? Maybe this number is all over the place and it’s still anyone’s guess at this point, but it would be helpful to have some idea of how much of a time commitment the ride actually is, from entering the queue to exit the ride (assuming the ride doesn’t break down, of course). Anyone have this info?

It has typically been about one hour from entering the queue to exiting the ride, so about 40 min wait and 20 min ride. The wait can be up to an hour (longer if it breaks down of course) or as little as 5-10 min early in the morning.

To be clear, all this presumes you have a BG that has been called.


Thanks! That’s helpful. :slight_smile:

Just curious to hear an update on this. Are we still looking at 60 min-ish once you report for your BG to being done with the ride? I realize this post is only a few weeks old but figure things may be changing rapidly.

Assuming the ride doesn’t go down while in line of course.

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Yup. It was 40 minutes from the point where you first go into the “cave” (but Could still see the outside) On Thursday.


Yes, most reports I have seen are similar to what Randall said, unless there was downtime (which seems to happen more often than I’d like to see this long after opening, but better than it was).

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