RotR Superbowl Sunday

I wonder if tomorrow being Superbowl Sunday and the temp forecast is 48F (9C) at opening time might scare away some people vying for Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups? I’m here till Wednesday so I thought this might be my best chance to snag an early BG.

My guess is it will have very little effect or possibly even be the opposite of having smaller crowds. There are a lot of people who don’t give Remy’s rear end about a stupid game and will head out to avoid it.


Damnit. How about the cold? I was hoping that might keep locals away.

Anybody know how fast BG are gone by lately? I don’t want to drag my family out there for nothing. Not having good luck with the wireless/4G/DisneyApp and I’m not sure which is to blame.

Within 2 minutes of park open.

This is not an exaggeration / hyperbole. Most “guaranteed” boarding groups are gone that quickly. Plus, DHS has been offering fewer guaranteed BGs this week and still having multiple hour down times.

I’m not suggesting not trying. Everyone says it’s worth it. If it is a must do then I’d bundle up & be there an hour before opening. GL!

We didn’t try. Stayed out till almost 10 at MK and we were there early for BOG breakfast so it was a long day. Kids just got up (8:30).

I’ll try to convince the family that post Super Bowl hangovers may keep the crowds down tomorrow.


No kidding…the first day we were in HS we ended up with a BG of 101 and they were only guaranteeing up to 71. We got so many notifications about it being down. They barely got to 71. But the day before and after our day, the covered up to 140 BG. Hoping to do better on our next HS day Friday.