RotR Queue Question

Hey there. I have a question about Rise of the Resistance. Assuming you receive a boarding group and your number is called, how long is the actual queue from the moment you arrive at the attraction to the moment you actually get to the pre-show? (I know this depends on crowd levels/time of day, but I’d love to know a ballpark).


15-25 minute wait in queue, average. Early morning it is nearly a walk on, which still takes 5-10 minutes to walk through.

Sorry, thinking WDW. DL may be different.


I’ve heard 20 minutes from people that go to WDW. However, Disneyland has been crushing it with BGs and are doing almost double the groups that WDW typically does each day.

So…maybe DLR will get you right onboard when your group is called!! GL!

I had to wait about 45 minutes, but that was at the end of May. May be better now.


In my plans, I’m inputting a 30 - 45 minute “meal” at Oga’s to be the RotR queue wait. I’d rather have all that time in case I need it.

The Liner in me loathes that I don’t know “when” I’ll need that time. I’ve been inserting it at the step right after lunch. My logic is that will be the middle of the day so I can adjust as needed…


You would have cringed at my TP, when I put Rise in at 9:30 at HS. :joy: I was just so excited to experience it I didn’t want to wait even if I had to, and there is always more breakdowns later in the day. Believe it or not, it actually worked out, got a low BG.



I had a really hard time with not knowing and I always just stuck it midday usually adjacent to the stroller naps (that I scheduled at least 2 hours of every day for our 4 and 1.5 yr olds).

I normally super plan my mornings leaving the middays and evenings open to where the wind takes us (but have priorities or an anchor to work around like “Enjoy the night on the Pier” and we’ll just do any activities near that). And then I also don’t ever plan the last day until the night before, I find that if I do I’m always having to re-work it anyway to pick-up what we haven’t yet done or new things that popped up that we really want to work in. So luckily there’s lot of room in my planning, BUT still, I was annoyed by not knowing where on earth in my plan our BGs would go!


Earlier is closer to walk-on and gets busier later in the day, especially at the end of the day as they are still honoring any BGs from the day up until park close. I’ve heard people coming near the end of the day seeing an hour wait for it (sometimes that’s due to a breakdown, but with them really accepting all BGs all day and most people showing up at the end of the night, the last hour seems to have a bit of a backlog).

We rode rise 2 different days, once closer to 2pm and once 6pm ish. DH was the one who rode with our older kids through the regular queue and I wanna say they waited about 20 minutes each time and then pre-shows and ride took another 15-20 minutes while I waited with the younger kid(s) and then I did rider switch which took us pretty much straight to the first pre-show, no wait except for the time it took to walk there.

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I was a little more realistic and always put it around lunch time, but in retrospect we were very lucky that it worked out all three days!


Our experience last week just to give you an idea: Day 1 boarding group 16 we arrived about an hour after park opening and waited 5-10 minutes before Pre-shows. Ride was great! Day two we started at CA and got the noon boarding pass for Rise. Our group was called about 3:15. We got in line about 3:30. Line was long. We were told about 1 hour wait. It broke down about 45 minutes into the wait. We decided to sit down and wait it out in line. Break down lasted about 45 minutes then broke down again as we were in interrogation and we waited an additional 30. I think that day was more rough than the usual but not unheard of.

The opposite occurred for us with our Webslingers boarding groups. Early in the day lines are short and increase as time goes on.

Both lines can be quite sunny for the first 15 minutes of the long waits and during afternoon sun it’s rough. So bring lots of water, patience, and snacks.