RotR FPs on 12/5?

Someone just posted on the BoM FB page that they heard this is a possibility…anyone else hear the same? @Nickysyme?

Personally I haven’t heard this. And I think it’s unlikely unless they find that having no FPs for Smuggler’s Run doesn’t work as they think it will.

They are effectively admitting that more people will get to ride faster without FPs than having 80% of the ride capacity allocated to FPs.

But it could be! Maybe they’re thinking that would be a way to control crowds. After all it will be a far busier time than next week will be, and it is the main ride.

I’d be interested who has heard something. If it’s someone involved with BoM posting on FB, I think it has more credibility. But I haven’t seen or heard anything


I don’t know the rules about posting names from other sites, so I will only say it was someone named Dave. He said:

“just heard the rumor on Disney travel secrets podcast.”


“I believe they were booking a VIP tour on the 5 th and something was mentioned about a fast pass line to them. I have met the podcasters and they are nice folks :grinning:

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VIP tours use the FP lines, so any VIP tour operating in SWGE would use the FP line for access, even if there were no FP being issued at the time. The rides have FP queues built into them – we saw the one for Smugglers Run in DLR and saw VIPs using it – so the existence of the line and VIP tour use of it is not evidence that the ride will be issuing FPPs, I would think.


Yes, after he posted that bit I was thinking the same thing.